Super Mario RPG: Armageddon

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  1. Super Mario RPG: Armageddon

    Super Mario RPG: Armegeddon is a difficulty and content mod for Super Mario RPG.  It rebalances the entire game and adds a lot more post-game content, such as more FF bosses, two boss rushes, and even some special guests!
    More recent versions include both an easy (aka "Content") and hard mode.
     - If you're new to SMRPG or just want to see all the new content, choose the easy version!
     - If you're a veteran looking for the full Armageddon experience, suffer through the hard version!
    It is not recommended to try to switch between versions in the middle.
    Note: It is highly recommended to start with the v9.1 beta, either easy or hard mode.  The improvements greatly outweigh the bugs!
    Patches should only be applied to a legally obtained 1999 US version of the ROM.  Compatible with SNES9x 1.53+.


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