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Category for patches for correcting bugs within specific games.

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  1. Suikoden 2 Bug Fixes

    Available Bug Fixes For This Patch:
    Audio Bugs - Only required by US version. Fixes all audio including, but not limited to the bugs listed in the guide. Badeaux Issue Castle Armory Bug Castle Farm Bug Chaco Bug Chant Bug Forgiver Sign Bug Guardian Deity Plans Bug Inn Bug Join at 99 Bug Kindness Rune Bug Knife-thrower Issue Lamb Bug Luca Battle Bug Matilda Gate Glitch McDohl Name and Castle Name Bug Recipes Bug Rune Unite Bug Scroll Shop Bug Sound Set Bug Tenzan Pass Enemies Issue Window Set Bug Additionally, applicable versions have translation fixes for several items, like the Gozz Rune and True Holy Rune. The US version also includes a translation fix for the Trade Gossip, which always shows up as gibberish in that version.
    This patch was created by Pyriel over at the SuikoSource forums.  If you're a Suikoden fan or enjoy these fixes, please visit them at and show them some love.


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