Mega Man Battle Network 3 White

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  1. Mega Man Battle Network 3 Randomizer

    This is a Python 3 script with a bunch of text files used for randomizing Mega Man Battle Network 3. I've taken some liberties to make it more interesting to use. Credit goes to Mountebank/Samfin, Dabomstew, Prof.9, Rockman.EXE, and potentially other people I don't know about/forgot for the original MMBN3 Randomizer I found on Github.
    Supports both Version White and Version Blue! Thanks, Hart-Hunt! The original randomizer featured randomizing of Numberman Code Prizes that give Battle Chips, Battle Chip Folders, Green Mystery Data, and Virus Formations. Those are still here! Lots of text files. They hold a bunch of data that you can mess around with to some extent. Just be sure to back things up in case something goes wrong. Various modifiers are asked of you right off the bat when opening the script. These include Battle Chip Damage and Enemy HP Multipliers and Variance Values, as well as a Custom Run seed and a "Chip Code Roulette" Mode! If a Run Seed is not supplied, it will generate one based on the current time. More details can be found in the included NOTES.txt. Known Issues/Caveats
    The rom must be a clean US copy of Mega Man Battle Network 3. Messing with the text files in ways you probably shouldn't mess with can lead to errors, crashing, corrupt ROMs, etc. I take no responsibility for any of this. Make sure you read the NOTES.txt! ROM Checksums
    These checksums are from a clean, self-dumped MMBN3 White rom. If you're going to use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums.
    CRC32: 0BE4410A MD5: 68817204A691449E655CBA739DBB0165 These checksums are from a clean MMBN3 Blue rom. If you're going to the use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums.
    CRC32: C0C780F9 MD5: 6FE31DF0144759B34AD666BADAACC442 Open Mode Patches
    These patches can be used if you want to experience the game in a different way. Make sure to patch the rom with the correct patch BEFORE randomizing it! The features of these patches are listed below.
    A built-in Full Library code! This took a while to figure out. Every area of the game should be open to the player right off the bat. You start the game with every email, access to the NaviCust and StyleChange menus, as well as some NCP programs and Key Items for access to various areas. Style Changes happen more frequently. You have 4 out of the 7 Savefile Stars unlocked right off the bat! No need to fight Serenade, the Omega Navis, or do the Time Trials unless you want to. Code for most of this new version of the Open Mode patch provided by NMarkro, a member of TeamBN. Thanks again! The Open Mode patches, either in combination with the Randomizer or not, can be used for various types of play. Here are a few ideas:
    Bingo Races Alpha or Serenade Races Time Trial Races or Practice


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