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  1. This is a Python 2 script with a bunch of text files used for randomizing Mega Man Battle Network 3. I've taken some liberties to make it more interesting to use. Credit goes to Mountebank/Samfin, Dabomstew, Prof.9, Rockman.EXE, and potentially other people I don't know about/forgot for the original MMBN3 Randomizer I found on Github.
    Supports both Version White and Version Blue! Thanks, Hart-Hunt! The original randomizer featured randomizing of Numberman Code Prizes that give Battle Chips, Battle Chip Folders, Green Mystery Data, and Virus Formations. Those are still here! Lots of text files. They hold a bunch of data that you can mess around with to some extent. Just be sure to back things up in case something goes wrong. Various modifiers are asked of you right off the bat when opening the script. These include Battle Chip Damage and Enemy HP Multipliers and Variance Values, as well as a Custom Run seed and a "Chip Code Roulette" Mode! If a Run Seed is not supplied, it will generate one based on the current time. More details can be found in the included Notes.txt. Instructions
    Download the randomizer and aquire a rom of Mega Man Battle Network 3. Either version works. Unzip the randomizer into its own folder. You'll need WinZip, 7Zip, WinRar, or whatever else you prefer to uncompress .zip files. Put the rom of MMBN3 White into the folder, next to the randomizer and the text files. Rename the rom to white.gba or blue.gba for their respective versions. Run the Executable to just patch BN3 White, or if you want to be fancy, make a .bat file with the "-h" or "-i" parameter to see what's available. If you used -i/--input, it should've opened a Command Prompt window to ask you to type in some values. Type in what it asks, whatever you feel like will work for the most part, except typing in nothing in a couple of cases. It should be asking for a "Seed" now. Type in anything, it can even use a string. Or don't and let the script generate one. You should now see a bunch of values flood the window until it finally says done and a generated rom named blue_randomized.gba or white_randomized.gba should have been created. Open *_randomized.gba in an emulator to see your changes! Known Issues/Caveats
    The rom must be a clean copy of Mega Man Battle Network 3. The rom must be in the same directory as the Python script and MUST be named white.gba for the White version or blue.gba for the Blue version. ROM Checksums
    These checksums are from a clean, self-dumped MMBN3 White rom. If you're going to use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums.
    CRC32: 0BE4410A MD5: 68817204A691449E655CBA739DBB0165 These checksums are from a clean MMBN3 Blue rom. If you're going to the use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums.
    CRC32: C0C780F9 MD5: 6FE31DF0144759B34AD666BADAACC442


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