Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals 8

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Major features:

  • added around 70 new spells, including some physical-like techs that even Guy can learn
  • learning new spells gives slight increases to stats
  • modified base stats and growth of characters
  • stat potions can no longer drop from enemies; those drop now fruits for capsule mosnter (CM) evolving
  • added a true final boss fight with "Guard Daos" after Daos
  • major overhaul of AI for final Sinistral fights
  • Retry and Gift Mode are now always available
  • Retry Mode is now Hard Mode, 2x exp/gold gain and enemies are stronger (less grind, more action)
  • rings and rocks are now the same equip type and can occupy either of their two slots, e.g. you can wear 2 rings, 2 rocks or 1 each
  • modified defense influence; starts with 1:1 until def = 50% raw damage then degenerates
  • CM level is now tied to Maxim's exp/level
  • modified CM attacks and AI slightly, e.g. Darbi can now even flee in class 5 and class 4 Flash is more likely to heal when injured
  • class 4 and 5 CM are much less likely to use regular attacks
  • CM can freely switch between all 5(!) classes once unlocked instead of being locked to class 1-4 OR 5
  • (S) Witch Ring now increases MP as advertised
  • 25% of ATP bonuses from equipment get also added to INT
  • 25% of DFP bonuses from equipment get also added to MGR

note: NOT compatible with vanilla savegames!

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