Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals v9

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Major features:

  • added around 70 new spells, including some physical-like techs that even Guy can learn
  • learning new spells gives slight increases to stats
  • modified base stats and growth of characters
  • stat potions can no longer drop from enemies; those drop now fruits for capsule mosnter (CM) evolving
  • added a true final boss fight with "Guard Daos" after Daos
  • major overhaul of AI for final Sinistral fights
  • Retry and Gift Mode are now always available
  • Retry Mode is now Hard Mode, 2x exp/gold gain and enemies are stronger (less grind, more action)
  • rings and rocks are now the same equip type and can occupy either of their two slots, e.g. you can wear 2 rings, 2 rocks or 1 each
  • modified defense influence; starts with 1:1 until def = 50% raw damage then degenerates
  • CM level is now tied to Maxim's exp/level
  • modified CM attacks and AI slightly, e.g. Darbi can now even flee in class 5 and class 4 Flash is more likely to heal when injured
  • class 4 and 5 CM are much less likely to use regular attacks
  • CM can freely switch between all 5(!) classes once unlocked instead of being locked to class 1-4 OR 5
  • (S) Witch Ring now increases MP as advertised
  • 25% of ATP bonuses from equipment get also added to INT
  • 25% of DFP bonuses from equipment get also added to MGR

note: NOT compatible with vanilla savegames!

What's New in Version v9   See changelog


  • reworked Daos's AI & stats again
  • Unicorn (fish) can now use Meltdown (ATP debuff) to fit with its dropped jewel

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Is there anyway to forget spells, or to increase the amount of spells that can be learned? I was buying all the spells without realizing there was a limit and now I can't learn anymore.

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There's exactly one way.


===Skill Reset===

If you really, really want to change your known spells, visit the old man in Merix, bottom left house.
You might only offer this service after the events with the bridge are finished.
This costs you 50% of your current gold.
He removes ALL spells and skills except Reset and Light from EVERYONE whether they are in your party, currently not in your party or have yet to join!!
You'll also lose all stat bonuses from so far learned skills as well as the stat boosts from stat potions and a certain event.

If you're able to stomach the costs, you can repeat this as often as you want.

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I'd really like to give this hack a try but I just can't get it to work properly.

The problem I have is the magic store in Elcid doesn't have any names for spells and all of them are unlearnable. I've had this error occur on v5, v6 and v7. Also tried using multiple ROMS (usa) / (U) / Headered / Unheadered etc.

Have you ever heard of this error before?

Im using Zsnes if that helps

UPDATE: If I play the ancient cave in gift mode finding spells causes bugs aswell. I hear the sound file that I have found a spell from a chest, however the text box only displays " Found".

Schermafbeelding 2018-07-03 om 13.41.27.png

Schermafbeelding 2018-07-03 om 13.41.19.png

Edited by Zjoffie

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5 hours ago, praetarius5018 said:

For your own sake don't use that.

I switched to OpenEmu and for some reason that did the trick! No idea how but thank you!

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Because Zsnes is quite buggy.
Half the stuff there runs on prayers not code.
And several ingame instructions are just inaccurate workarounds which yields strange results as you saw here.

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