BTB's Civilization III: Somewhere In Time Creamy

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Sid Meier's Civilization is a series that requires no introduction, and its third offering is, in my humble opinion, the greatest of them all. One of my first major modding projects and arguably what set my modding career into motion was fine-tuning the rules of the base game in an attempt to forget that the expansions ever happened. There's not much to say about this one except that it's as balanced as I feel it's ever going to get; have a glance at the readme or the quick reference sheet if you want to know more, or just dive right in and let the Civilopedia be your guide.

What's New in Version Tuna   See changelog


Tuna - Babylon now has the correct starting techs (Bronze Working instead of Ritual Burial)
Tuna - Fixed several (more) broken links and errors in the Civilopedia
Tuna - Renamed the "backup" archive to "vanilla"

- Fixed several broken links and errors in the Civilopedia
1.1.2 - Fixed several civilizations who had the wrong starting techs
1.1.2 - Fixed a bug where defensive unique units could not be drafted
1.1.2 - Fixed a bug where two "dummy" wonders were available to be built
1.1.2 - Corrected a few minor errors in the Civilopedia and on the QuickRef sheet
1.1.1 - AI players now receive 1 starting defensive unit on Regent
1.1.1 - Reverted AI cost factor on Monarch to vanilla setting
1.1.1 - Lowered the OCN multiplier for Chieftan and Warlord
1.1.0 - Rearranged the traits on several civs and wonders (reverting many to their vanilla settings)
1.1.0 - Adjusted the aggression levels of China and Japan based on the above changes
1.1.0 - Adjusted the culture output of several wonders
1.1.0 - Leonardo's Workshop is now more expensive (300 -> 400 shields)
1.1.0 - Changed the cost of some spaceship parts and removed the aluminum requirement for several of them
1.1.0 - Mass Transit no longer requires aluminum and requires a Factory instead of a Hospital
1.1.0 - SAM Batteries no longer require upkeep
1.1.0 - Explorers are no longer restricted to Expansionist civs
1.1.0 - Fixed a bug where the taxman icon appeared as a scientist in the tech tree
1.1.0 - Fixed a bug where wonders and some buildings would display incorrectly in the city view
1.1.0 - Corrected some errors in the Civilopedia and largely rewrote the civ-specific advice
1.1.0 - Finished the quick reference spreadsheet; it is now suitable for printing


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