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Chrono Cross meets Bravely Default in this re-imagination of Final Fantasy 5 with additional jobs and mechanics.

The main ideas were to make the battles more dynamic and give each character more, well, character.
As a result of that every character has now access to an individualized job list of 21 out of total 31 jobs (freelancer is NOT available)
while each job level now has a permanent impact on a character's stats.
For example klutz Bartz can not be a chemist and Lenna hasn't in her to go Berserker.

More dynamic battles are achieved via !Brave, !Def and field elements.
Move a future turn to now with !Brave or take two turns at a later point with !Def while modifying the field elements to your liking with each skill or ability used.
Changed field elements affect damage, healing and status effect chance.

major features:

  • all party members can be renamed at any time
  • difficulty can be adjusted via in-game menu
  • elements play a larger role extending to every item, ability, status effect and monster
  • rebalance of equipment, spells, abilities and enemies
  • several additional jobs and reworks of existing jobs
  • instead of helm, armor and relic you can now equip 3 relics
  • relics add a mix of resistances, weaknesses and power bonuses to same-element attacks
  • spells scale with weapon power keeping them relevant until the end
  • spell lists have been altered, e.g. Fire1/2/3 was reduced to just Fire and there are now new spells replacing the missing spells
  • items are not consumed but introduce a cooldown on !Item, !Mix, !Drink and !Throw
  • auto-heal some HP after battle victory (trade-off for disabled potions)
  • ATB does not proceed until the currently active actor is finished with their turn, but then moves instantly to the next event
  • most importantly - a New Game Plus mode!

What's New in Version 1.005   See changelog


  • added job sprites for the 10 new jobs made by BlackLiquidSorrow
  • added abilities for DarkKnight, Lord, Vampire, Magus and Sage jobs
  • separated ability slots into 4 active and 3 passive slots
  • added running for overworld walking and ship
  • spells now show miss if they fail because of magic evasion; status spells that hit but inflict no status do not show miss
  • MP drain spells now inflict HP damage and restore MP of 1/32th the damage dealt, capped at 40
  • X-Magic no longer receives a penalty to spellpower; instead it requires half a turn of charge up before casting
  • changed !Animal to a 8 skill selection
  • changed !Mimic to a 8 skill selection
  • replaced Monk's !Kick with !Blitz, 8 skills based on unarmed combat, unlocked by maxHP
  • replaced Knight's !Guard with !Valor, 8 skills based on defense, unlock based on win:escape ratio
  • replaced Thief's !Steal with !Rogue, 8 skill menu, unlocked by successful steals
  • replaced Mime's !Mimic command with a 8 skill menu based around acting and imitation, skills unlocked from the start
  • replaced Dragoon's !Lance with !Drag-On, 8 skill menu based around their signature skills throughout the series, unlocked by max HP
  • added !Science to Chemist, a 8 skill menu based on research, skills unlocked by Hi-Potion count
  • replaced HP +30% on Monk and Tamer with !BuildUp
  • HP +30%: renamed to Sturdy, HP +10%, reduces fraction damage taken
  • replaced Endure on Berserker with Sturdy
  • replaced Pierce on Dragoon with Sturdy
  • replaced !Slash on Samurai with Crit Up
  • replaced !Slash on Crusader with !SwdSlap
  • replaced !Steal on Dancer and BlueMage with !Mug
  • replaced !Aim on Chemist with !Science
  • replaced Preemptive on Ninja with Caution
  • added CQC passive: +20% damage while in the front row
  • replaced !Animal on Geomancer with CQC
  • replaced Preemptive on TimeMage with CQC
  • Bulwark no longer adds 10 VIT, instead reduces regular damage taken
  • changed Lich from +3 VIT, +7 MAG to +20% magic power and increased drain power
  • WhiteMage now learns AreaCast instead of MassCast
  • BlackMage now learns MassCast instead of AreaCast
  • added defense piercing property to !BuildUp
  • changed the white/black spells available for !Red, !Rose, !X-Magic; slightly less front loaded, !Red even gets 2 Lv6 spells
  • increased base hit chance for DoomClaw from 66% to 75%
  • increased base status chance for HP-to-1, doom and destroy effects from 40% to 55%
  • adjusted stats of most monsters
  • modified AI of Siren, Kimabryn, ArchAvis, SolCannon, Merugene, Crayclaw and Omega Mk3
  • changed Sandworm's Demi to Quake
  • edited unused NeoGoblin to Rebone enemy and added to a boss formation
  • edited Skullkin stats to make the "solutions" more in line with vanilla strategy
  • form changing bosses now keep status resistance between form shifts
  • added a cap to ABP while jobless; on job change you'll have at most 4/5 ABP
  • reduced HP buff from 100% to 50%
  • fixed weapon animation of flail and morning star
  • reduced the influence on damage growth for Lv2-35, added slight damage growth for job levels 1-30 (double level for single job mode)
  • adjusted HP per job level; now treats single job mode as having twice the job level
  • increased HP per job with "HP up" bonus from 30 to 50
  • reduced monster stat spread by difficulty
  • adjusted monster base stats by level
  • added +10% steal chance for thief job
  • fixed a bug that made !Throw with weapons deal about 2.5 times the intended damage
  • renamed !Martial to !Bushido
  • replaced Bushido/Fate Hit with Booster: weak attack that buffs user's STR
  • replaced Bushido/Danger with Dispatch: chance to instantly kill
  • Blue/Aero: increased power against floating targets or those weak to "aerial" attacks
  • Blue/Goblin Punch: damage bonus against same level target reduced from x4 to x2 with -50% defense
  • Blue/Goblin Punch: level check compares only last digit on level
  • Blue/White Wind: heals by 33% caster maxHP instead of 100% current HP, affected by Heal Amp
  • Summon/Odin: now always uses Zantetsuken, a holy elemental magic attack against all enemies
  • Time/Flood: added ground type, increased power from 110 to 126
  • Terrain: now always behaves as if pierce passive ability was equipped
  • Terrain: removed Gaia's Wrath and Lament again
  • increased MP restored by ether from 20-150 to 50-150
  • adjusted item cooldown values for !mix and !throw
  • reduced scaling of heal magic with weapon attack
  • increased heal power bonus of Sage Ring from 5 to 7
  • removed Ramuh and Shoat summon items, the summon spells are now added directly on boss death
  • added Web that inflicts slow
  • added Vaccine that reduces status damage taken
  • added MP sickness debuff for MP recovery with !Item, !X-Item and !Mix that reduces further MP recovery with those skills by 25% (but then capped at 100)
  • White/Pure and Mystic/Cleanse now additionally remove MP sickness
  • fixed a game crash caused by having !Hide, !Show, !Catch or !Release in the 4th ability slot
  • fixed a bug that made defend/guard sometimes not work
  • fixed a bug that made x-item with feather not work
  • fixed a bug that prevented abp reduction on job up
  • fixed a bug that made Blue/Condemn deal absurd damage when it failed to inflict the status
  • fixed a bug that made Counter use fire spellblade instead
  • reduced guard damage reduction from -75% to -50%
  • first escape with BraveBlade does no longer reduce attack power, only 2+ escapes
  • !dance: buffed power of Mystery Waltz and Jitterbug by 50%, reduced power of Sworddance from 400% to 200%
  • reduced damage reduction from armor/shell from 50% to 25%
  • monster can now land critical hits on their regular attacks
  • fixed a bug that made !mimic mimic the landing of (s-)jump and not the jump itself
  • changed MP gain of !Brave from 100 to 12.5%maxMP + 100
  • physical accuracy is now adjusted by spot in party, top to bottom, x9/8/7/6
  • changed how multiple hits of Time/Meteo are handled; changed to a quicker animation
  • changed element of Time/Comet to wind/earth
  • changed element of Time/Meteo to earth/fire
  • removed LP from NG+ scaling
  • in NG+ treasure chests are now reset
  • replaced some NPC texts in Carwen for more hints to gameplay changes
  • changed default difficulty and encounterrate from 3 to 4


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