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General Tips/Beginner's FAQ

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#1 tip = Read the FAQ and tooltips.  Seriously, this can't be stressed enough!  For those looking for individual battle help, please post a topic.  The old topic has been deleted since 95% of those analysis are no longer relevant in the current version.  Difficulty discussion topic is still being updated/analyzed for current version, feel free to comment there as well. :)

What is 120 FPS and why do I keep hearing about it? - FFT, by default, runs at 60 FPS (Frames per second).  A lot of people like to speed up the game so that animations take less time and the game runs at a quicker pace in general, but it is not required.  For those who want to try it:

Epsxe - The settings that work for 1.3 in its stickied topic also work for Monster Tactics:

psX - There is a hacked psx, which is set on 120 fps by default.

What emulators does this work on? - It is confirmed 100% to work on psX and any version of Epsxe.  Version 2.44 fixes several issues known to cause crashes on other emulators, but since I personally can't test on systems I don't own, I have no idea if it runs on them yet.  If someone can confirm it works on another emulator now, please let me know so I can update this topic! :)

What is the best class for growths?/I spent all of ch 2 as chemist, did I just brick my character? - All beginner's traps have been removed from the game!  This means that growth differences by the class are gone.  The way that they were handled in vanilla is largely unintuitive.  It doesn't matter at all anymore which class you grow as, which means you can put your strategy's focus towards what each individual battle needs.

I just cast Innocent on myself/the enemy, how is he still hitting me with Aqua Rake?/How is Monk's Revive failing on my Innocent character? - Formulas in this game are 98% custom.  There never was a hard/fast rule that was intuitive to the player in vanilla, so it was created here for consistency.  Abilities that run off of faith are fractional damage, MA based healing, all abilities that inflict a status effect (whether positive or negative) as its only effect, and revival.  Abilities that do not run off of faith are ones that deal damage with no other effect, consumable items (Item and Draw Out commands), and exceptions as noted in tooltips.  

I never played Vanilla/played it way too long ago to remember anything. Should I refresh myself on Vanilla first? - While vanilla experience can be helpful to appreciate the mechanics and dialog changes here, it is completely unnecessary.  In many ways, vanilla experience is detrimental because of the amount of changes made to the game.  In other ways, it can be helpful to know AI quirks and base engine mechanics, such as how CT and Reflect work.

Why is Aqua Rake doing single digit damage to Bombs?/Why can't I cast Poison on Chocobos?/Why is the accuracy of Missile so horrible on Bombs but 100% on everything else? - All innate status effects, resistances, immunities, abilities are listed in tooltips.  For more information on the effects of individual abilities, see the FAQ.  Damage reduction is listed per class.  DR-P is physical resistance, DR-M is magical resistance.  It is the final calculation done after all other modifiers, but before the damage cap of 999 is applied.  For example, a magical attack that is 100 damage after all other modifiers applied to a target that has 80% DR-M will do 20 damage to that target.

I have a save from vanilla/some other mod, do I need to start from the beginning? - Yes.  Saves are not compatible between MT and vanilla or other mods.

I have a save from another version, can I update or will it be incompatible with the update? - Any changes that could negatively impact saves are shared with players in the patch notes.  In general, there are very few things that could negatively impact a save, and most of them are specific to a section of the game.  For example, in the version where I rewrote Bethla sequence, due to restructuring it, players had to either revert to a pre-Bethla save or complete Bethla before updating to prevent a save corruption; but all other sections of the game all saves were compatible.  If it's been a while since you last played, you might want to start from the beginning again; but as long as the save where you were wasn't part of a change which could kill saves, starting over again is optional.

Help! I tried editing my save and it no longer works! - Editing saves is completely unnecessary/technically cheating and generally frowned upon.  However, if you want to do this for shits and giggles, make sure you back up your save before you do anything like this.  Due to changes made in the mod, you are very likely to corrupt your save or do something extremely silly and unintended if it can still be used in game.  I am not responsible for any bugs caused by save corruption, and am not able to restore your save if you screw something up.

Slavery is over? Where do I get more units? - Human generics no longer can be hired.  Agrias is the only other human to permanently join you.  Monsters can be hunted via random battles.  The guest unit in any random battle (usually appearing near the middle of the screen) is yours if you can win the battle and the monster hasn't crystalized.  Its brave, faith, and zodiac are randomized; but the species is specific to the random.  It is noted in tooltips both on the monsters and on the locations where you can get things that are recruitable.

Which should I try to raise my Ramza as, physical or magical tree? - Beginner traps have been removed from the game.  Both sides of the tree are viable.  In a worst case scenario, such as if you've raised yourself in the physical tree and suddenly feel like using a Bard, you could always grind yourself in the necessary classes during random battles.  Later in the game (ch 4 onwards), it is a good idea to have all classes unlocked to make it easier to change strategies as necessary on the fly, but isn't 100% required.

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