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Hi everyone! I'm brand new here. I found this place through the FF6hacking site. Having fun checking out Brave New World and all of the cool parts of it. I've been picking around at learning romhacking FF3us myself as a fun thing to do during quarantine, which leads me to this:

I LOVE the equip/relic menu in BNW 2.0! Love love love it. Is there an IPS patch available for this menu screen? If not, how was it made? I'm staring at the $C3 disassembly of the vanilla game and it looks like this combo menu was a lot of work!

Thanks in advance either way. Hope you all have a great quarantine!

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There's no public .ips available yet, although I do plan to get around that, uh, eventually. I actually built it using Novalia Spirit's optimised C3, and then backconverted to make it work on vanilla, and then figured out how to make it work in BNW. I'd have to double-check, but I think I even got it all in-line, since I was able to use a lot of the Relic space. 

It both was and wasn't a lot of work; getting access to all six equipment slots was actually relatively easy. The biggest thing was getting the description to work properly, and getting things to redraw in the proper order -- it was a little obscure, and the relic screen and the equip screen do a few things in slightly different orders that was messing things up when I tried to cannibalise the one for the other.

Thank you for the compliment! There should be a patch out... sometime... for use on vanilla/other patches, and if you come across any that aren't compatible, I'm usually pretty happy to update my patches to work with others. (As long as some variety of code is available to work with.)

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