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Safe/Shell Mechanics and ignoring damage

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I can't seem to find an answer in any documentation, and I am not 100% that I am using the damage calculator correctly, so I figured I would ask here.


What are the exact mechanics for safe and shell?


Doing some experimentation with Relm (casting Flare on Edgar, sorry friend), my best guess is that Safe/Shell reduce physical/magical damage by 25%, but I am not getting exact results and I am making a lot of assumptions. Is there a specific formula for damage reduction documented somewhere?


Also, does Safe stack additively or multiplicatively with the back row reduction?


Finally, it does not seem like Safe/Shell impact defense/magic defense ignoring spells and skills, but again I am not 100% positive on this. Assuming I am correct, is there any way to reduce the damage taken from an enemy attack like Meteor or Flare?


Thanks for the answers! I have already beaten 2.0 but I absolutely love theory crafting :)

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It's a 33% reduction.

Safe is multiplicative with the back row.

Both are overridden by defense-ignoring attacks.

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