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Speed Rebalance Patch: Starting ATB timers

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Hello folks, here's a new patch that's in consideration for the upcoming version 1.8.6, that's in need of beta testing.

Nakar recently brought up the issue that, at battle start, the initial ATB gauges of characters and monsters are really inconsistent. This patch changes the initialization of ATB gauges for characters and monsters to be more in line with their Speed and reduces the randomness. In effect, faster characters will more often start off their ATB gauges at full or near full, while slower characters will more consistently have a longer wait for their first turn.

You may consider this the complement to Nowea's Speed Rebalance patch; while that patch buffs slower characters and nerfs faster ones, this patch does the opposite. For an example of the patch in action, have a look at this stream by Nakar.

Here's the patch:


And here are the details:


New formula:

Initital ATB fill% = ([(Speed * 2)..(Speed * 3 + 29)] + [(0..9) * 4] + G) * 256 / 65535
Where G = (10 - Number of entities in battle)

Original formula for comparison:

Initital ATB fill% = ([Speed..(Speed * 2 - 1)] + [(0..9) * 8] + [G * 16]) * 256 / 65535


And the code:


	;More consistent starting ATB timers
	;for Brave New World
;by Seibaby
	;This changes the way ATB timers are initialized at the start of
;battle to make them more consistent with respect to Speed.
	;It reduces randomness and increases Speed's contribution to how
;quickly characters (and enemies) get their first turn.
	;The original formula was:
;([Speed..(Speed * 2 - 1)] + [(0..9) * 8] + [G * 16]) * 256 / 65535
;Where G = (10 - Number of entities in battle)
	;The new formula is:
;([(Speed * 2)..(Speed * 3 + 29)] + [(0..9) * 4] + G) * 256 / 65535
!freespace = $C25150    ;requires 16 bytes of free space in C2
	;Initialize ATB Timers
org $C22575
C22575:  PHP
C22576:  STZ $F3        ;zero General Incrementor
C22578:  LDY #$12
C2257A:  LDA $3AA0,Y
C2257D:  LSR 
C2257E:  BCS C22587     ;branch if entity is present in battle?
C22580:  CLC 
C22581:  LDA #$01       ;#$10
C22583:  ADC $F3
C22585:  STA $F3        ;add 16 to $F3 [our General Incrementor] for
                        ;each entity shy of the possible 10
C22587:  DEY 
C22588:  DEY 
C22589:  BPL C2257A     ;loop for all 10 characters and monsters
C2258B:  REP #$20       ;Set 16-bit accumulator
C2258D:  LDA #$03FF     ;10 bits set, 10 possible entities in battle
C22590:  STA $F0
C22592:  LDY #$12
C22594:  LDA $F0
C22596:  JSR $522A      ;randomly choose one of the 10 bits [targets]
C22599:  TRB $F0        ;and clear it, so it won't be used for
                        ;subsequent iterations of loop
C2259B:  JSR $51F0      ;X = bit # of the chosen bit, thus a 0-9
                        ;target #
C2259E:  SEP #$20       ;Set 8-bit accumulator
C225A0:  TXA 
C225A1:  ASL 
C225A2:  ASL 
C225A3:  NOP            ;ASL 
C225A4:  STA $F2        ;save [0..9] * 4 in our Specific Incrementor
                        ;the result is that each entity is randomly
                        ;assigned a different value for $F2:
                        ;0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36
C225A6:  LDA $3219,Y    ;get top byte of ATB Timer
C225A9:  INC 
C225AA:  BNE C225FA     ;skip to next target if it wasn't FFh
C225AC:  LDA $3EE1      ;FFh in every case, except for last 3 tiers
                        ;of final 4-tier multi-battle?
C225AF:  INC 
C225B0:  BNE C225FA     ;skip to next target if one of those 3 tiers
C225B2:  LDX $201F      ;get encounter type.  0 = front, 1 = back,
                        ;2 = pincer, 3 = side
C225B5:  LDA $3018,Y
C225B8:  BIT $3A40      ;is target a character acting as enemy?
C225BB:  BNE C225D1     ;branch if so
C225BD:  CPY #$08
C225BF:  BCS C225D1     ;branch if target is a monster
C225C1:  LDA $B0
C225C3:  ASL 
C225C4:  BMI C225FA     ;skip to next target if Preemptive Attack
C225C6:  DEX            ;decrement encounter type
C225C7:  BMI C225DE     ;branch if front attack
C225C9:  DEX 
C225CA:  DEX 
C225CB:  BEQ C225FA     ;skip to next target if side attack
C225CD:  LDA $F2
C225CF:  BRA C225F3     ;it's a back or pincer attack
                        ;go set top byte of ATB timer to $F2 + 1
C225D1:  LDA $B0        ;we'll reach here only if target is monster
                        ;or character acting as enemy
C225D3:  ASL 
C225D4:  BMI C225DA     ;branch if Preemptive Attack
C225D6:  CPX #$03       ;checking encounter type again
C225D8:  BNE C225DE     ;branch if not side attack
C225DA:  LDA #$01
C225DC:  BRA C225F3     ;go set top byte of ATB timer to 2
C225DE:  LDA $3B19,Y
C225E1:  ADC #$1E
C225E3:  JSR $4B65      ;random #: 0 to A - 1
C225E6:  JMP newfunc
         macro newfunc()
          print "newfunc written to: ",pc
          reset bytes
          ADC $3B19,Y   ;A = random: Speed to (2 * Speed + 29)
          BCS .cap      ;branch if exceeded 255
          ADC $3B19,Y   ;A = random: (2 * Speed) to (3 * Speed + 29)
          BCS .cap      ;branch if exceeded 255
          JMP return
          JMP $25F1
          print "wrote ",bytes," bytes"
C225E9:  ADC $F2        ;add entity's Specific Incrementor, a
                        ;0,4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36 random boost
C225EB:  BCS C225F1     ;branch if exceeded 255
C225ED:  ADC $F3        ;add our General Incrementor,
                        ;10 - number of valid entities 
C225EF:  BCC C225F3     ;branch if byte didn't exceed 255
C225F1:  LDA #$FF       ;if it overflowed, set it to FFh [255d]
C225F3:  INC 
C225F4:  BNE C225F7
C225F6:  DEC            ;so A is incremented if it was < FFh
C225F7:  STA $3219,Y    ;save top byte of ATB timer
C225FA:  REP #$20
C225FC:  DEY 
C225FD:  DEY 
C225FE:  BPL C22594     ;loop for all 10 possible characters and
C22600:  PLP 
C22601:  RTS
	org !freespace


Edited by seibaby

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Running through the IMF with your patch, Locke was consistently getting the first move. Didn't actually pay rigorous attention, but the turn order seemed to mostly follow the speed stats.

EDIT: I'll be running spd Gau. So, whenever I get into the WoR, I'll know how this patch works with broken amounts of speed. Don't expect it to be anytime soon though.

Edited by thzfunnymzn

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