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T-Edition Quick-Start Instructions

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This thread is for if you don't care about reading descriptions of the mod and just want to get to the game as soon as possible.

  • If you want details on "What is T-Edition?" check out Kain's thread.
  • If you want to know about the Lua translation, check out the Lua thread.

Quick-start Instructions

  • Be using Windows (or a Windows emulator such as Wine).
    • The Lua translation is not compatible with phones, consoles, Mac, etc. The ROM translation from Kain's thread is compatible and usable with any emulator, but anything that's not the 8x8 Menu Fonts (such as dialogue, skill names, enemy messages, etc.) will be garbage, unreadable text. Still possible to play, but you will require heavy use of the provided documentation.
  • Download snes9x-rr 1.60 and extract it somewhere - yes, it must be this specific version: snes9x-rr 1.60 (later versions may work but no promises).
  • Download the English ROM translation from Kain's thread.
  • Extract all of the translation .rar somewhere. There's a lot of useful documentation and some required patches.
  • Extract the English ROM from the "FF6 T-Edition English 293v9 - ...rar" within the larger rar. Ensure it is v9 and not v7.
  • Download the English Lua zip.
  • Extract the Lua .zip somewhere accessible (\snes9x-rr\Lua\ is a good location).
  • Optional: Also, download the Lua Beta version for a significant amount of quality-of-life improvements. You still need to download the Lua zip.
    • The beta version is the current recommended one, but if you have a very potato computer, the beta may hurt your frame rate compared to the standard version.
    • Additionally, things may occasionally break as I often submit features for people on Discord to test. Broken stuff should usually be fixed within a few hours of being reported.
    • Check the third post in the Lua thread for more details.
  • Ensure you have an IPS patcher. I prefer Lunar IPS, myself.
  • Install the _INSTALL_ME_ ips patch from the Lua zip by applying it to FFVI_T_Edition_293v9.sfc.
  • Install the "Optional Patches\ff6t291_music_fix.ips" from the ROM translation by applying it to FFVI_T_Edition_293v9.sfc.
    • It's in "Optional Patches" since you could play the ROM using uosnes which has the broken music play properly, but then you can't use the Lua.
  • Optional: Installing "Optional Patches\ff6_t_long_spell_names.ips" will make lore and spell names in battle menus longer, but will cause a minor graphical bug with Slots. Use at your own discretion.
  • Optional, please read fully: Installing "Optional Patches\ff6_t_costume_stats.ips" will cause mid/late-game costumes to be rather large stat boosts instead of the sidegrades or mild improvements that the base T-Edition costumes grant, causing them to be straight upgrades. This is a significant balance adjustment and hasn't really been tested properly to see what's overpowered or not, so if you want the more authentic T-Edition experience, skip it. If you enable it partly through a game, swap costumes for it to take effect.
    • If you install the above costume stats patch and decide later that you don't want to use it, "Optional Patches\ff6_t_costume_stats_original.ips" will revert it (then switch costumes to make your stats update).
  • Load the ROM in snes9x-rr.
  • In snes9x-rr, go to File > Lua > New Window and select the Lua script, whether that's the standard one (FF6_T_EnglishHijack.lua) or the improved beta (FF6_T_EnglishHijack_restructure.lua). Don't use both, just one or the other. Leave the window open, though you can minimize it to the corner (..yes, it's stuck on top).
  • Press [.] to turn off the obnoxious on-screen frame counter.
  • Optional: You should probably read the Lua's readme (much of which are just these instructions, but there are extra notes) and the OPs of the two threads.
  • Optional: Skim HTML/_index.html or at least HTML/readme.html ("Bug Fixes and Explanations") and HTML/change.html.
  • Optional: There are some settings you can toggle, if you click 'Edit' on the Lua window (pick any standard notepad tool), you can modify the settings near the top of the file, usually true/false. Most of the changes in the quality of life version can be disabled, such as the BGM name display (there are a lot of new tracks). Any edits made to the Lua are immediately reflected in the game once you press 'Save', you don't need to restart the game or emulator.
  • Play game.
  • Optional: Join us on the NGPlus Discord in #ff6-t-edition.

Important Extra information:

  • Visit the beginner house. Talk to everyone (most will be the same as vanilla, but there may be a few changes), then talk to the front desk person and say "I know the basics!" and re-talk to all the teachers for advanced, new T-Edition stuff, since much is different from vanilla.
  • Statuses are good now. Many bosses are vulnerable to them, some of them are even completely shut down by skills like Toad, Silence or Zombie.
  • Refer to _index.html in the HTML folder inside the English ROM Translation zip for any changes from vanilla and references such as rage lists, magic/technique references, new weapons/armor, new events, etc.
  • Being intentionally vague to avoid spoilers, ensure you acquire the two "free" Eidolons before the major events with Celes, Shadow, Kefka and Gestahl, or they will be lost forever. Your last opportunity to get those two are after Thamasa. If you haven't acquired them by then, their location has moved since earlier: you can talk to the two old men running around Narshe to acquire them. If you acquired all of the Eidolons before the above-mentioned Celes, etc. event, you should have eleven Eidolons, then one missing, then three more - this is normal. For those who want precise information without the vagueness, check the spoiler at the bottom of this post.
  • When you want to do EX Mode, find a separate japanese ROM (do not use the ones from the ROM Translation files), apply the EX patch from the ROM Translation, apply the music patch from the ROM Translation, then apply the _LATE_GAME_ patch from the Lua. Rename your ROM_NAME.srm save data file from your normal game's name to match the EX ROM, then load the EX ROM and use the Lua script for that as well. Once you're done fighting, name your .srm file back to match the original ROM.
  • 'Fast Forward' performance will be significantly reduced while the Lua is running, due to the additional code running every frame. Feel free to disable the Lua when powerlevelling if you want to fast forward faster - just click 'Stop' on the Lua window, then when ready to use again, click 'Run' on the Lua window.


Full details on the missable Eidolons:


Make sure you acquire Catoblepas and Carbuncle from Arvis and the Narshe Elder before the World of Ruin - they're forever gone after the Cataclysm unless you New Game +. The Narshe Elder's House clears out when the Floating Continent rises, but they hand their magicite over to old men wandering throughout Narshe, so you can still get them up until the last moment. Golem, Pupu (Zonaseek replacement) and Seraphim are still accessible in the World of Ruin at their usual World of Balance locations. The missing Eidolon that was previously in Bismarck's spot has been moved to the World of Ruin, so you don't need to worry about that.

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