Compilation of all patches released for 1.8.5 so far

By seibaby in Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World,
For everyone's convenience, here's a single patch containing all the bug fixes and other changes slated for inclusion in the upcoming 1.8.6 release. Apply over a fresh Brave New World 1.8.5. ROM (not included). Archive contains both headered and non-headered patches. Brave New World 1.8.6 pre-beta (updated to version 2) Contributors: dn, Seibaby, Think0028, Nowea   The following bug fixes are included: Fix for the Quartrstaff/Doomstick crash issue. Fix for the Y-Equip Relics patch incompatibility issue. Fix for the Dice/Fixed Dice glitch/crash issue. Correct stats for the Kagenui. Fix for the issue with X-Fight and Dual Wield damage penalties not stacking (no standalone release yet). The following balance tweaks are included for beta testing: Speed Tweak (character-only version) Initial ATB tweak Master Thief Quicksteal
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