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Selecting a Party for the Final Boss? (spoilers)

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Just finished my first playthrough of this mod and loved it.

My question is about the final climb to Kefka and the three boss fights before him. I only vaguely remember how it works in vanilla so I'm not sure how much if anything BNW changed, but I'm confused about what happened.

On the special choose your party screen, I see all 14 of my guys in a vertical column on the left. It says "choose your party" and there are four numeric slots on the right. I put in my team, which happens to be Terra - Locke - Cyan - Strago.

I fight the first boss, big demon guy with the two arms. A few deaths and rezzes during the fight (lol poor Strago) but when the boss dies all four party members are standing. The game transitions to the second boss fight. For some reason Locke and Cyan get swapped out for Shadow and Setzer. I roll with it and beat Kefka with that party. No other swaps occur despite several more deaths and rezzes.

What was the mechanic that swapped out two of my characters? I remember vanilla had a mechanic where you would sort your whole team into a queue and any characters who died would be swapped for the next in queue, or something like that, but there was no "choose your party order" in BNW. Nobody in my playthrough ever swapped out when they died - live characters just got automatically replaced when transitioning to the second boss and at no other time. Was that a bug, or did I miss something?

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If someone is KOd, petrified, or zombied between phases, they'll get subbed out for a random character from the reserve list. If you have live characters swapping out, that sounds like a bug that I haven't heard of before.

What version of the mod are you playing?

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