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x ethers

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Is there any way to get additional x-ethers?

I'm making progress in getting unscathed to kefka, bit i run out of mp and then its all dpwnhill from there. I have edgar giving mp bit its not that much quantity, i have an almost immortal gau with gargoyle curing, and the rest as attackers or curers as the ocasion nedds it. I came to the point i can survive 2 meteors, but not one goner and one meteir, but that is just bad luck. So my only issue is the lavk of mp.

I the time i use replenishing it i get decimated.

Maybe not x ethers, but ethers, or a better mp renewer like elixir, megalixir, or something that lets me withstand some time as edgar replenishes tye mp of tye mages slowly.

I have only 1.

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I finally did it. Motherfucker kefka died at last.

I had to respec terra to full mp and more hp and enough magic to get almost 9999 with ultima and the lvl 3 spells.

Celes with the same, but she has the soul box so in the end having 400 mp is having 800.

And edgar, i changed him into a pure stamina build. And at last he could replenish terra mp (100 each time).

Gau died at the second tier and cyan appeared. He was kind of helpfull in tier 3 but in kefka he was 10.000 hp machine at all times. Cool.

Finished. Now onto other games and chrono trigger enhasa.


Great experience. Some thing i didn't like but the challenge was cool, it made me put my mind in an even more strategic mindset and that is the thing i like. I think i'll try other hacks, but in at least a year. Or 2. I have played this game too many times. And i need a rest.

I played it completely without grinding on gba, then natural magic on gba, then this, and the 3 in a row. It's been still 2 years bc i stopped a couple of times but its a lot. For a guy that has played it mpre than 60 or more times i think.


Great job. I enjoyed it. And now i feel light.

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18 hours ago, copperflame said:

AWESOME!  I didn't realize that Edgar's MP Tool was based on Stamina... >.>

It isn't.

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