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1. Introduction

Thank you for downloading Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within! This romhack is a redesign of the original
Final Fantasy IV game, focusing mostly on a revamped story and rebalanced gameplay. A lot of development time
went into ensuring that the game was challenging and engaging to all playstyles.

This mod was created almost entirely using ff4kster (many thanks to Pinkpuff) with just a few tweaks done
via hex editing. While this is not a difficulty hack, many aspects of the game require more thought on the
player's part so overall there is a difficulty increase. The difficulty curve is fairly generous and gives
even players new to Final Fantasy IV ample time to adjust.

With that said, my main objective was to create something fun! Enjoy!!

2. Installation

The .zip file includes two .ips patch files; one Complete patch and the Base patch for those of you who wish to
view stats in ff4kster. The Complete patch will need to be applied to a clean UNHEADERED Final Fantasy II(US)
version 1.1 ROM. The file name for the original ROM used in creating this mod was
Final Fantasy II (USA)(Rev A).sfc. You will need the Lunar IPS patching tool as well in order to apply the .ips patch.

The mod is incompatible with previous saves of FFIV. You will need to start a New Game. Back up your saves if you
are concerned about losing them.

If you experience strange issues, try patching the ROM file again with a known clean ROM. If you still experience
issues afterward or need help on how to patch, feel free to contact me.


    No-Intro Name: Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1)
    (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
    ROM/File SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E2BDF3E26
    File name: Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev A).sfc

3. Gameplay Changes

-First, and foremost, you would be well-served to speak with everyone in the Training Room in the first town you explore. You will be told the location of it during the story.

-General menu navigation speed has been increased.

-ATB gauges for the player party have been added in battle!

Characters & Stats

-Many characters have had their stats and levels adjusted to account for the point where they join the story.

-Some characters join at pre-set levels (mostly the early characters). Later characters will join around the average level of your party.

-Potential for stat-downs at levels >70 have been removed. Level ups >70 are still randomized, but will always be in the positive direction.

-Spell lists and learned spell levels have been adjusted for most characters.

Spells & Abilities

-Several spells have had their power/accuracy/cast time adjusted in an effort to make all spells serve a purpose.

-Black Magic is now primarily a single-target spell group, while Summons enjoy mutli-targetting and no damage splitting.

-Sylph (Summon) has been removed from the game as a bug present in vanilla causes this spell to cast at no MP cost. Because of this, Asura has been made available earlier and had its MP cost and power adjusted.

-Chocobo (Summon) spell power has been increased significantly and changed to deal Air damage.

-The Summon items Imp, Bomb, and Mage have been dummied out and no longer drop.

-Virus (Black) is now Dark element in order to give the party a way to deal magical Dark damage.

-Venom (Black) is now Dark element and equivalent to Level 1 spells.

-The Warp (Black) spell has been removed from the game as it was largely redundant to the Exit (White) spell.

-The Sight (White) spell has been removed from the game.

-Waken (White) has been added. This spell removes Sleep and Stun (Combat only spell).

-Bless (White) has been added. This spell removes Curse (Combat only spell).

-The Exit (White) spell has been disabled in a number of locations to prevent sequence-breaking teleports.

-The Ninja spell Pin has been removed.

-Ninja magic has gained a spell called "Bandg" (Bandage). It provides a small emergency heal to one character.

-A number of enemy-only abilities have been adjusted to provide for more engaging fights.

-Several new abilities have been changed/added/re-introduced to the game:

  • Dark Wave: Everyone's favorite Dark Knight ability is back. Provides group damage at the expense of HP.
  • Pray: Chance to cast a variety of healing spells on the entire party. 20% chance to fail. Spells do NOT consume MP!
    • 30% chance of: Grace (10% of max HP heal)
    • 20% chance of: Glory (33% of max HP heal)
    • 20% chance of: Hope (cures all status effects)
    • 10% chance of: Miracle (full HP/MP heal)
  • Sing: Revamped to affect all enemies and removed chance for failure.
    • Equal chance for: Stop, Mute, Charm, Sleep
  • Hide: Has changed characters.
  • Train: A small chance (10%) to cast a VERY powerful spell at no MP cost...
  • Focus: Charge up an attack for double damage. Bypasses "Fight" counter-attacks.
  • Drink: Self-cast Berserk+Blind.
  • Luck: Self-cast increase to critical hit rate by 5. Stackable.
  • Flirt: Reduces one enemy's chance to hit by half of the user's modified Vitality stat. Stackable.
  • Aria: Sets group regen at 25 HP per tick. Caster is able to freely act while this occurs.
  • Sneak: Removed from the game.
  • Dart: Renamed to Throw.


-Equipment you find in new shops is *almost* always a direct upgrade in the same weapon/armor class.

-A lot of gear has had its properties and stats changed. Please refer to the included Weapon/Armor chart (may contain light spoilers) or to the Equipment screen.

-The Equipment screen has received an overhaul thanks to Crow!'s Equipment Screen mod. Nearly all information about a character, their attack/defense power, elements, racial bonuses, etc. can be found on the equipment screen!

-Negative stats on equipment have been almost entirely removed.

-Evasion has been removed from most armor. Shields, light bodywear, and medium bodywear are now the only sources.

-Racial, elemental, and status bonuses now only appear on shields and accessories. They are much more prevalent on weapons.

-Several characters are capable of equipping different weapon types. These weapon types offer differing styles of gameplay intended to allow the player to hybridize certain characters. Different weapons grant different stat bonuses.

-Spells cast by items are now mostly restricted to rods and staves. The power of these spells is lower than their casted counterpart, but they cost no MP.

-Accessories such as gloves and rings have been reworked to resemble relics and accessories from later Final Fantasy entries. Defensive bonuses these items used to provide have been rolled into bodywear.

-Arrows now enjoy unlimited use. Buy a quiver and fire away!

Items & Status Ailments

-Status curing items have been split up into two different items. This is closer to vanilla, but different from
    previous versions of this mod.

  • Ammonia: Cures Berserk, Sleep, Charm, and Stun
  • Remedy: Cures Poison, Blind, Mute, Petrify/Calcify, Pig, Frog, Mini, and Curse

-Accessories are now more important than ever to help prevent these ailments!

-Curaga items have been made more common and are now purchasable at certain shops.

-Fat Chocobos no longer require an item to summon. They can be found in most small chocobo forests as well as a few other places.


-Almost every enemy in the game has had their stats adjusted. Enemies as a whole have more HP and hit harder than they did in vanilla. DS/mobile HP levels were used for most enemies. It generally takes one round of attacks or hitting a weakness to kill an enemy.

-Many enemies now inflict status effects along with their regular attacks. Enemy type often determines what kind of ailment you can expect. (Lizards inflict Calcify/Petrify, etc.)

-Many enemies have had their race, resistance, and weakness tables adjusted to make more sense.

-Very Weak to an Element has been removed from every enemy (this was a 4x bonus). Weaknesses hit for 2x, resistances for roughly 1/2. Racial bonuses have been lowered from 4x to 3x and are much less common than elemental resistances/weaknesses.

-AI of monsters has been altered so not every enemy spams Fight until they die.

-Monster formations have been changed in several places so that there's not as much repeating of old enemies.

-Enemies no longer drop equipment. Most enemies drop consumables at a reasonable rate.

-Several bosses have new tricks up their sleeves...

Dialogue & Naming

-Spells, abilities, monsters, and items have had their names changed either to align more closely with what they are or to more closely resemble their names in newer versions of the game. Some liberties were taken as the game imposes strict character limits, but you should see less abbreviations overall.

-Nearly every dialogue box in the game was edited or completely altered. Proper English is now used in most cases, and the characters should display more personality with their new dialogue.

-Townspeople often give hints on where to go or what to expect next.

-The Training Room has been rewritten to provide a good overview of basic game functions as the original text was pretty vague or hard to understand.

Map & Events

-Events occur in a different order from the original game almost right from the start!

-Maps were edited in several places to account for dungeon pathing.

-Damage floor tiles have been changed from -50HP per step to -10HP per step.

-Some NPCs were removed from certain areas in order to be re-used elsewhere or to prevent strange occurances.

-Map headers (the thing at the top of the screen when you enter an area) have been spruced up a bit to make some areas sound less bland.

-A number of sidequests have been added at roughly the 2/3 point of the game which provide a break from the action as well as VERY lucrative rewards.

-Y-button dashing has been added to indoor areas! Hold the Y-button to dash.

4. Known Issues

-There exists the possibility of a small continuity error involving airships at a certain point of the game depending on player actions. Everything plays normally, but airships may be relocated near the player.

-Dashing (Y-button) while entering a cutscene or climbing a rope will result in movement within the cutscene playing out faster or slower than intended.

-There is a brief graphical glitch during a ship-riding sequence. It lasts for 1/2 second at most and appears to be related to map topography. It is a one-time occurrence.

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