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Gau: Rage Against The MagiTek

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Rage Against the MagiTek


Vigor: 42 / Magic: 36 Speed: 36 / Stamina: 30

HP: 12 / MP: 0   BatPwr: 128 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 24 / Evade: 24 / M.Evade: 18


Weapons: Clubs

Shield: Light Shields, Elemental Guards 
Head:  Hoods, Hats
Body: Light Armor, Hides, Parkas, Vests


(Note: Rage grants all inherent statuses, resistances, and elemental weaknesses of the selected enemy) 
Adamantite (WoB) - 2/3 Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Holy Wind
Albatross (WoB) - 2/3: Fireball (Magic) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor)
Anemone (WoR) - 2/3 Discharge (Magic) | 1/3: Attack +Poison (Vigor)
Antlion (WoB) - 2/3 Stop (Attack) | 1/3: Snare
Behemoth (FC) - 2/3 Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Meteo (Magic)
Belladonna (WoR) - 2/3 Moonlight (Magic) | 1/3: Raid (Magic)
Bomb (WoB) - Exploder
Brainpan (FC) - 2/3 Blow Fish | 1/3: Rerise
Buffalax (WoR) - 2/3 Landslide (Magic) | 1/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor)
Cephalid (WoB) - 2/3 Tentacle (Stamina) | 1/3: Attack +Slow (Vigor)
Chickenlip (WoB) - 2/3: Attack + Muddle (Vigor) | 1/3: Net
Chimera (WoB) - 2/3 Aqualung (Magic) | 1/3: Fireball (Magic)
Conjurer (WoB) - 2/3 Rerise | 1/3: Attack +Sap (Vigor)
Crawler (WoB) - 2/3: Magnitude (Magic) | 1/3: Attack (Drain HP) (Vigor)
Doggo (WoB) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Step Mine
Exocite (WoB) - 2/3: Rock (Stamina) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor)
Eye Goo (WoB) - 2/3 Lode Stone| 1/3: Glare
Flan (WoB) - 2/3 Life | 1/3: SlowX
Gargoyle (FC) - 2/3 Sun Bath (Stamina) | 1/3: Quake (Magic)
Griffin (WoR) - 2/3: Giga Volt (Magic) | 1/3: Air Blast
Grizzly (WoR) - 2/3: Cave In | 1/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor)
Hornet (WoB) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Blink
Io (WoR) - 2/3 Atomic Ray (Magic) | 1/3: Diffuser (Magic)
Jinn (WoB) - 2/3: Discord | 1/3: Attack +Mute (Vigor)
Leafer (WoB) - 2/3: Wind Slash (Magic) | 1/3: Air Blast
Locust (WoB) - 2/3: Gale Cut (Magic) | 1/3: Mirage
Lich (WoB) - 2/3: Rasp (Magic) | 1/3: Elf Fire (Magic)
Kudzu (WoB) - 2/3: Raid (Magic) | 1/3 RegenX (Stamina)
Magic Pot (WoR) - 2/3: Cure (Magic) | 1/3: Strongest Attack (Vigor)
Mantodea (WoR) - 2/3: Shrapnel (Stamina) | 1/3: Attack +Sap (Vigor)
Marlboro (WoR) - 2/3: Bio Blast (Magic) | 1/3: Bad Breath
Mesosaur (WoR) - 2/3: Holy Wind | 1/3: Landslide (Magic)
Nastidon (WoR) - 2/3: Snowball (Magic) | 1/3: Absolute 0 (Magic)
Ninja (FC) - 2/3: Wave Scroll (Magic) | 1/3: Vanish
Onion Kid (WoB) - 2/3: Brown Note (Magic) | 1/3: Attack + Bserk (Vigor)
Osteosaur (WoR) - 2/3: Doom | 1/3: Petrify (Attack)
Rain Man (WoB) - 2/3: Acid Rain (Magic) | 1/3: Bolt 2 (Magic)
Raven (WoB) - 2/3: Break (Magic) | 1/3: 1/3: Attack + Sleep (Vigor)
Repo Man (WoB) - 2/3: Step Mine | 1/3: Vanish
Revenant (WoR) - 2/3: Holy (Magic) | 1/3: Blaze (Magic)
Rhydon (WoB) - 2/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Sun Bath (Stamina)
Rocky (WoR) - 2/3: Harvester (Stamina) | 1/3: Rock (Stamina)
Sand Ray (WoB) - 2/3: Sand Storm (Magic) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor)
Scarab (WoR) - 2/3: Starlight (Magic) | 1/3: Mega Volt (Magic)
Scrapper (WoB) - 2/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Chakra (Stamina)
Sewer Rat (WoB) - 2/3: Poison (Magic) | 1/3: Attack + Bserk (Vigor)
Shokan (WoR) - 2/3: Dark (Magic) | 1/3: Raze (Magic)
Soldier (WoB) - 2/3: Cure 2 (Magic) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor)
Spirit (WoB) - 2/3: Demi | 1/3: Quartr
Stray Cat (WoB) - 2/3: Snowball (Magic) | 1/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor)
Tek Armor (WoB) - 2/3: Barrier | 1/3 Strong Attack (Vigor)
Templar (WoB) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Remedy (Stamina)
Titan (WoR) - 2/3: Avalanche (Magic) | 1/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor)
Troll (WoR) - 2/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3 Refract
Tumbleweed (WoR) - 2/3: Cure 3 (Magic) | 1/3: Attack (Drain HP) (Vigor)
Tyrano (WoR) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Firestorm (Magic)
Vagrant (WoR) - 2/3: Flash Rain (Magic) | 1/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor)
Vaporite (WoB) - 2/3: Plasma (Magic) | 1/3: Blind (Attack)
Vulture (WoB) - 2/3: Razor Leaf (Magic) | 1/3: Harvester (Stamina)
Weedula (WoR) - 2/3 Quake (Magic) | 1/3: Razor Leaf (Magic)
Werewolf (WoR) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Regen (Stamina)
Windrunner (WoR) - 2/3 Aero (Magic) | Attack +Bserk (Vigor)
Witch (WoR) - 2/3 Refract | 1/3: Fire 3 (Magic)
Zombone (WoB) - 2/3 Cave In | 1/3: Zombie (Attack)


Stray Stamina+2  ---  24 MP:  sets Muddle/Slow/Sap on all foes
Fenrir - Speed+2  ----  24 MP:  sets Image on party




Regen Stamina

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Thou! Thou Thou!


  • Very diverse, with:
  • Great set of physical Rages, healing Rages, AoE damage & control, & debuffs
  • Good set of elemental control & buffs
  • Secondary Healer; has Rerise & Harvester
  • Speed +2 esper
  • Good elemental resistances, Unique Hide/Muffler armor
  • Unique mage helmet
  • Good p.eva


  • Proper grammar & pronunciation
  • Rages are many & highly specialized with no in-game reference sheet
  • Rage is untargetable & a little random
  • No HP espers, no heavy armor, low p.def
  • Mid-game damage is flaky (no Bone (somewhat addressed in 2.0), no Blizzard Orb, no speed esper)
  • Switching Rages mid-battle is awkward; Gau can't gear for both Vigor & Magic
  • Speed is unavailable until the WoR

The finer details of Gau's abilities require a lot of memorization, both of Rage & of enemy encounters. But, even with just a few Rages, Gau makes a great speedy glass cannon & healer/buffer.


Like Shadow, Gau only has two espers. Therefore, its debatable whether or not he has different builds, especially since the mixed Gau is perfectly viable.


The standard Gau build, raw speed, with or without a little stamina. Biggest downside is that it's not available until the WoR. Turns Gau into a living bullet, allowing him to really lay on the damage or healing despite having "lower" numbers than other characters, spam buffs like Witch, Cerberus, or Conjurer, or open up randoms with strong debuffs. Even the healing from his stamina-based Rages is still pretty good, thanks to how many turns Gau gets relative to everyone else.


The other build, available from the WoB, built with mostly stamina levels (though not purely with stamina). The main sell of the this build is higher numbers on the Rocky & Mesosaur Rages, as opposed to Rageserker's higher volume of heals. It also boasts some nice, all-around stamina damage Rages (Exocite, Cephalid, Mantodea), as well as stamina's other utility benefits.

All in all, this build is perhaps a little easier to use than Rageserker, but has much less potential. The stamina-damage Rages are high damage, versatile, & easy to use, but Rageserker's raw speed will win out once it's got a good Rage or two backing it (see the Simple set of Rages below). Also, speed is just as needed for the healing Rages as stamina is, considering Gau's random nature.

For the WoB, Gau's stamina-attack Rages (Exocite & Cephalid) are his best offensive Rages, so this build is good for the WoB. It just falls behind speed Gau once the mid-WoR hits.


The mixed build. Probably the build you're using if you use Gau in the WoB, because pure stamina isn't worthwhile.

Good Rages


  • Dragon: Very high damage, Glare, great status resistances. Tek Armor Hornet, Doggo, Templar, Cerberus Werewolf, and Allosaurus Tyrano are also good the main physical Rages.
  • Tumbleweed: Harvester spam FTW! (Cure 3) Ribbon resistances, auto-Regen, and a rare elemental resistance. Mesosaur, Defender, and Rhinotaur Rhydon, and Rocky are also good.
  • Conjurer: Rerise spam can win fights *cough Dadaluma*. Werewolf (Hornet) and Witch (+Locust/Troll) have some utility for setting Image.
  • Albatross: Solid early-game AoE & sap setter. Windrunner is the WoR AoE & sap setter.
  • Scarab Titan: Solid ST damage & Sap setter for WoR. Harpy and Io Griffin are good alternatives.
  • Antlion: Stop/Doom Snare is a vicious combo.


  • Fire: Lich & Albatross. WoR follows up with not-quite-as-effective Shokan, Witch, and the undead-killing Revenant (Holy, actually).
  • Bolt: Vaporite in the WoB, Griffin in the WoR. Also, Anemone.
  • Water: Ninja or Vagrant
  • Dark: Sewer Rat and Shokan/Marlboro.
  • Other AoEs:  Adamantite, Leafer/Sand Ray/Stray Cat/Crawler (early), Vulture (mid), Titan Scarab (late, mute), Weedula/Belladonna (tricky-to-use)
  • Status ControlCicada (sleep), Exocite/Rocky (muddle), Titan (mute), Marlboro (several), Allosaurus (physical, several)


  • Don't forget Gau's Magic. HasteX & Fenrir are especially good as opening salvos for a boss fight. His other Magics also have their utility.
  • Grab a Magic Bone asap (steal from Witch). The BPow and Magic+7 are critical to Gau's damage in the WoR. A Blizzard Orb is helpful as well.
  • Black Heart combined with the right shield, hide, and Rage can make Gau quite bulky. It's even compatible with Harvester spam! Especially useful if you snag the hidden WoB Heart, or for anytime prior to earning the Snow Muffler.
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It's difficult to remember Gau's rages well, and the printme doesn't really lay out the information in a way that's useful specifically for Gau use. Here is a spreadsheet (for 2.0) of my own design that gives the full details of every rage Gau can do, when it can be obtained, and where the formation is.

Edited by Nowea

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Updated for 2.0

Buffs to Gau's base Vigor and Magic make him better right out of the gate. Further, a buff to his base BatPwr aims to make his physical attacks more relevant early on (where they were completely overshadowered by magical damage). His late-game physical damage is now balanced around 3x attack multipliers, which gives him a lot more options than the single 4x he had before, as well as helps keep them from completely overtaking his magical damage once he gets his hands on the Bone Club. Also helping keep his late-game magic damage alive is the fact that the Magic Bone is now a Colosseum trade (for the Bone Club, natch) rather than a hidden item.

Oh, yeah, and at least half of the rages in the game have been changed, too. There's a lot more variety now, particularly in regards to healing rages.

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Started playing blind, and now I'm down to everything except a few Colosseum wagers, secrets missing from the  WOB and the entire Kefka tower thing, which I'm honestly fine with, I can discover the secrets latter.

However, concerning Gau here, I'm finding out that I'm missing the Kudzu and Locust rages - you just spend so very little time outside Esper Mountain that IMO, it doesn't make sense to not have an island in the WoR where you can find said rages. Same for formations like  Stray Cat, Raven or WoB permanently missable formations. He's such a fantastic source of cheap AOE damage with Io and Behemoth, and a nice nuker with 3X Attack rages and the Bone Club/Power Glove. I just find it a bit irksome how I'm missing these two just because I didn't hang around Esper  Mountain enough, I guess.

As for Esper builds, I went 50/50. Gau certainly appreciates the speed, but since the guy is really damn frail I found myself going for Stray just to enable Gau to dodge all the magic crap thrown at him. Overall, a very enjoyable character, I just would like if he was a lot less random - maybe add a way in later updates so you can control at least what Gau is targeting or what attack he's using? Or maybe a way to switch Rages - all three of these are fine options and I would be fine with any of them excluding each other - after all, we don't Gau to break open the game, but a bit of reliability for boss fights like Hidon, Wrexsoul would go a long way. IMO, just enabling him to target something would go a long way.

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