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First off, I would like to formally apologize for my extended absence. I've been around on Discord, but I haven't been able to be around enough for the site recently. There are a few reasons for this, but the most glaring one is because I moved across state lines a while back and I'm just now starting to get my life back together. Once I can finish that off (hopefully in a month or so) I'll be able to be a lot more active here.

I know it came at a bad time, what with the launch of the site and whatnot, but I'm going to do my best to try to grow this site into what I know it can be. Cheers, mates!


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Goodo, mate! I'm getting more into hacking these days, after relying on awesome editors for the last five projects I've worked on. Keen to learn more and forge ahead with the likes of Legend of Legaia, Wild ARMs and beyond! :D Just a pity that it takes 200+ hours over 6-12 months to do so, and we humans have only a limited time on this Earth! >_<

And I should get around to adding Discord for this joint, after only recently installing it in general.


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