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So, I got my hands on a really awesome game called Pokemon Insurgence. It's a fangame which you can find here. I would get the torrent and not the installer if I were you; it's a lot faster.

Anyway, this game takes place in a new region with new versions of certain pokemon called Delta Pokemon. Delta pokemon have different typage, different movesets, but the same base stats as their vanilla counterparts. This game also features new Mega Evolutions, and follows the main series mechanics up to and including Gen VI (X/Y).

Anyway, I'm not gonna go too in depth (I may do a review on it for the front page later, who knows?), but I'm going to be doing what I'm calling a Delta/Armor run of the game.

So, in addition to the delta pokemon, you also have different armors for certain pokemon that alter their stats a bit, and make them look different. For instance, take a look at Shiny Tyranitar with his armor.


Sexy as hell, right? Right.

So, for this challenge, as the name implies I'm going to be using only delta and armored pokemon. The rule is that I have to stick to this team no matter what, and the armored pokemon cannot remove their armor for any reason. Now, you may ask, why would you want to? Well, the simple answer is because that takes up an item slot that may be put to better use with a different item in certain circumstances, such as a mega stone.

For those of you worried about difficulty, have no fear, I'll be playing on hard mode. Delta pokemon in this game can be strong, but they are by no means overpowered as you might expect.

Full disclosure though, I will be using debug mode to create my starters. Hard mode assumes max IVs/EVs, so I'll be doing the same. It also softcaps your level at certain points so you can't outgrind content, which is really cool.

The limit for my creating starters is that I'm not allowed to give them any items aside from armors (this means mega stones I have to get naturally through the story), and they cannot have moves they're unable to learn. This means that I may give some of them one of their egg moves, for instance Dragon Dance on Larvitar.

This was more just an introduction post; next post is gonna be the actual beginning of the challenge! Let's go!

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Why is this even a fucking question?

All jokes aside, basically all Dark means is certain aspects of the story change, so you might see someone die on screen. One death is particularly gruesome, but it's not bad at all really.


So, the story begins with this asshole giving you some information about the world. Basically, instead of people with bowl-shaped haircuts and switchblades, we have cults that worship legendary pokemon, namely Darkrai, Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza. You see a bunch of others throughout the game, but those are the big ones for now. The first Augur went around and fucked shit up on these cults. He wrecked over half of them, but one day he went out to fuck some more shit up and never came back. OH MY GOD, I BET YOU NEVER SAW THAT COMING.


I'm sure.


I love this game. It does shit like this all the time without even batting an eye.

There is -- I shit you not -- a Jehova's Witness joke later on in the game.

So, the story goes that right now, you're held captive by the Cult of Darkrai, and they've got a Gengar eating your memories right now. So, you're being held by a murderous cult, you don't remember shit, and you have no pokemon. But that's okay, because your best buddy Mew is here to help you!

Mew has the ability to transform itself -- and you -- into anything you have the DNA of. I'm getting a distinct Animorphs vibe.

So we go, get the blood of a cultist who was sacrificed to summon Darkrai before, to get the ability to transform into one! This is actually pretty neat, as there's all kinds of stuff in the game that reacts to this, from different NPC reactions to opening fingerprinted locks.


Our first ritual sacrifice of the game! Woo!


But then Darkrai is like "lol nah fam, this bitch a thot" and then peaces the fuck out, because fuck Persephone. She's the leader of the Cult of Darkrai, if you didn't guess.



I love it.

So, you don't get Mew yet. Instead, you get the Quartz Flute, which lets you call on Mew when you need to for the DNA thing. This is not just limited to switching appearances either, as Mew can also get the DNA of other legendaries to perform abilities on the field to open up paths and access things that weren't available before! Fuck yeah.


So yeah, your new bud Damian's mom is a bitch, so there's that.



This kid kinda reminds me of Wally, only Wally's Mom isn't a reprehensible cunt.

Welp, we go, grab ourselves a Delta Bulbasaur.


Then proceed to beat the shit out of Wal -- I mean Damian, and head out into the forest to grab a gift for the Second Augur, since he's apparently in town.

Tune in next time, when I'll actually do stuff!


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Alright, so! Time to meet the team!



Delta Bulbasaur


Regenerator (Restores 1/3 HP when switched out in battle)

Bold (+Def/-SpD)

16 HP / 252 Def / 176 SpA / 64 Spd


Saphira isn't meant to be all that offensive. Delta Venusaur has great typing as well as good defenses. I plan to load her up with Leftovers and give her Leech Seed and Calm Mind, to boost both her sweeping potential and wall potential at the same time.




Delta Pidgey


Marvel Scale (1.5x Def when inflicted with status)

Adamant (+Atk/-SpAtk)

6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd


Aether is gonna be a bit of a physical powerhouse. Not only does he have good offensive typing, but he also has access to Dragon Dance, Outrage, and Crunch, all great STAB moves with great coverage.




Delta Aron


Heavy Metal (weight is doubled)

Adamant (+Atk/-SpAtk)

68 Atk / 200 SpDef / 240 Spd


Veritas is gonna be a physical monster. Delta Aggron has a base 180 Defense, so I figured it'd be best to beef up his special defense a bit, since he has access to Iron Defense as well. Heavy Weight is an interesting choice. There are only two moves in the game that directly benefit from this, and one is Fire, one is Steel -- both STAB moves. I don't have access to a movelist for this one as it's not in the wiki, so I can only really speculate.




Delta Ralts


Clear Body (can't have stats lowered)

Modest (+SpAtk/-Atk)

6 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spd


Kyrie is gonna be my main special powerhouse. She has amazing offensive typing, with access to Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam, as well as Focus Blast and Earth Power for potential coverage. Delta Gardevoir was amazing in my last game, and I expect her to perform just as well here.






Guts (boosts Atk by one stage if inflicted with status)

Adamant (+Atk/-SpAtk)

68 Atk / 200 Def / 240 Spd


Titan is just that -- a veritable titan of power. With his armor once he hits Tyranitar, he gets a huge defensive boost, plus he's got Dragon Dance and some awesome STAB moves to pick up some huge sweeping potantial.




Delta Larvesta


Defiant (when stats are lowered, attack increases by one stage)

Modest (+SpAtk/-Atk)

6 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spd


Vulcan is my other special powerhouse, though she has the potential to be far more of a powerhouse than I'll probably make her into. Delta Volcarona gets access to Toxic Spikes, an entry hazard I'll probably make use of, and a ton of awesome STAB moves as well. She rounds out my team nicely.


Okay, I lied. Next time, we do stuff!

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For reject Pokemon, some of those look okay. I've never heard of this, but there seems to be a resurgence of Pokemon hacks/fan games as of late. I'll keep an eye on this. 

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At the request of @Aura Of The Dawn I will be putting story elements in spoiler tags.


So! I've had a lot of progress since my last update. Let me just kind of get that out of the way first.


Level: 41

Bite / Dragon Dance / Twister / Wing Attack

Boy, Aether, you've grown. Delta Pidgeot learns Dragon Dance, making him a powerful sweeper when given the opportunity. I gave him Wing Attack to hopefully mitigate his fighting weakness, as that's a pretty prevalent type in Insurgence.


Level: 41

Ice Beam / Calm Mind / Thundershock / Shock Wave

Kyrie has grown a lot as well, into a beautiful bleach-blonde transvestite. She's a special monster, with Calm Mind and Ice Beam. Thunderbolt is soon to follow.


Level: 43

Calm Mind / Leech Seed / Psychic / Dazzling Kiss

Look who it is! Saphira is pretty great defensively; her EVs allow her to have strong defense, while Calm Mind both boosts her sweeping potential and covers her special defense, though I've been considering giving her a screen instead. Dazzling Kiss, combined with Leftovers and Leech Seed, makes her a pain in the ass to KO.


Level: 40

Bite / Rock Slide / Dragon Dance / Chip Away

Titan's getting there, but he's not quite fully grown just yet. Rock Slide combined with Dragon Dance has made him invaluable so far, and I expect that to continue, especially once he reaches his final form and can properly utilize his armor.


Level: 41

Flame Wheel / Iron Defense / Flame Burst / Iron Tail

Veritas is kind of in the same boat as Titan. He's got Flame Wheel and Iron Defense, two very important abilities that lend themselves very well to the type of pokemon he is. This team is designed somewhat more defensive than normal, and it's starting to show in their movesets.


Here comes a new challenger!



Delta Torterra


Water Absorb (self-explanatory)

Adamant (+Atk/-SpAtk)

6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def

Earthquake / Curse / Razor Shell / Recover

This guy is an absolute monster. Earthquake, Curse (-spd / +atk / +def), Razor Shell (strong phys water), and Recover? Jesus. 

I found out that I needed to change it up a bit, since Larvesta is pretty lacking right now. So I made a new rule: I can change out to other delta/armored pokemon. I'm not sure what limitations I'm going to put on this rule, but Hard Mode is proving to be much more of a challenge (given that I'm sort of breaking pacing with this challenge) than I thought it would be. I love the soft level cap it imposes based on story progression.

There wasn't all that many noteworthy things that happened (I forgot to screenshot almost all of it because I didn't think there was any interest in this), but this was by far the best.



This is why I was considering switching to Light Screen, because fuck this mess. It really outlined an issue with my team.

But I'm gonna continue and post more stuff tomorrow! Just wanted to give you guys an update.

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Yeesh. This seems like an actually difficult Pokemon game. I'll be honest, the idea of a customized party from Pokemon always intrigued me, but the games were so easy, that there was no point in theory crafting too much, and the Meta game isn't exactly fun to prepare for. So it's nice to see someone else having a hard time with this. Even if it's a challenge. 

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58 minutes ago, Augestein said:

Yeesh. This seems like an actually difficult Pokemon game. I'll be honest, the idea of a customized party from Pokemon always intrigued me, but the games were so easy, that there was no point in theory crafting too much, and the Meta game isn't exactly fun to prepare for. So it's nice to see someone else having a hard time with this. Even if it's a challenge. 

Yeah man, no kidding.

I'll be picking this up again soon. Been on a serious World of Warcraft kick lately.

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I've spent some time looking at the Delta formes on the game's wiki and the choices for which Pokemon should go delta and the typing changes are wildly unpredictable. Really like that! Would love to do a challenge in this myself some time too. 

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So I made some progress. I don't really remember exactly what changed since last time BUT after facing a big baddie My party looks like this.


Now I have to fight a Mega Legendary. So, there's that. More to come. I'll put the fight in spoilers.


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Boutta fuck this dude up, fam.


So, Mega Rayquaza. He doesn't know it yet, but he's about to get fucked up.


His main move is Dragon Ascent, which hits like a goddamn truck, but like all Dragon moves, it cannot hit Fairy types. :pipeguy:

Let's see what happens.




...Holy shit, he has V-Create?



Draining Kiss is really strong.


Next turn!


Lmao get bent nerd.

So we beat him up, defeat Rayquaza (for now) and go on our merry way.

Next up is Ultira Town.

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