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Character Classes

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First off, I really like this idea. The bonus act as additional incentives to invest in one build over another, while allowing for flexibility.

I'd like to pick up on the EL threshold question. @thzfunnymzn had an outline that ran: 


Before we start, may I point out that "No class until 10 in a given esper" is....not the best idea for BNW? Some classes gain 10 in a given esper early (vig Sabin), while other classes will take a while to get 10 in a given esper (healer/mage Terra). This hurts the fluidity of builds, forcing the player to aim straight for 10 in one esper to get their bonus before branching out, even though that's rarely a wise idea.

More appropriately, I'd say that

  • For WoB, 5 in any given esper qualifies as a class
  • For mid-WoR, ? in any given esper qualifies as a class (somewhere between 5-10)
  • For end-WoR, 10-12 in a given esper qualifies as a class

What exact formula / mechanic / programming is used is up for debate. I'm giving a rough estimate. You really need class to take into account the ratio of any given esper to the total amount of ELs taken. That way, you're not "forced" to take 10 of single esper early, since the game will generally reward you with a class just for taking your natural specialization.

I acknowledge the complexity that gets introduced by narrowing the threshold to include too many combinations, but 5 EL 'chunks' seem like a number that is accessible early, without being too explosive. 5 levels in a given esper could trigger tiered bonuses at increasing level 'chunks'. So associated bonuses at 5/10/15/20(?)/25(?) of a single esper to reward specialization while allowing for hybrid flexibility.

Taking Celes as an example, taking 5 ELs with Ramuh post-Zozo could trigger class to update to Holy Knight, and the first class bonus to trigger. Then, taking 5 Siren levels could leave class unchanged, but give a class bonus. Taking an additional 5 Siren would result in class change to Magic Knight, while retaining the first Holy Knight bonus. 

If you wanted to get a little fancier, hybrid builds reaching thresholds for multiple espers could result in synergistic bonuses. Here various 'chunk' combinations could trigger named hybrid classes, or merely bonuses in addition to the individual class bonuses.  I'm not sure about the state of available space in the existing data structures as of 1.9, that could be a problem with implementing this kind of mechanic, but these space constraints will become trivial if plans go ahead to eventually expand the rom in 2.0.

Just my two cents. Tossing out ideas.

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