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My FFVIII MOD - Sorceress (intro and some questions)

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Hi there i´m new in here and i working in a simple hard mod to FF8 (it´s my first time doing a mod).

 First i´m using the HARD MODE ADD-ON´s LAUNCHER from Mcindus (thanks him for that) to combine my editions to the game. (Magic will not be lost when casting, DMG and HP break limit)

1-All bosses will have changed stats, new attacks, rare drops itens to increase the fun.

2-The Sorceress Edea, Adel and Ultimecia will recieve unique stats to buff them and against negative stats, immune to someones, powerfull magics and counters.

3-Island Closer to Heaven and Hell will get new enemies (old bosses) at level 100 AND possible Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon (im still thinking)

4-After the player get inside Lunatic Pandora (technically will not going back) he will encounter lvl100 and changed enemies, and Ultimecia´s Castle the same, with some possible replacement of the Bosses (ex: Trauma will be Adel at level 100 with different attacks).

5-The magic Catastrophe will be in the game and can be only used by the enemies, the magic will receive a differente animation too. (ex megido flame or apocalypse or explosion) 

6-Ultima Weapon will gain the stats of old Omega Weapon, some like HP-1.161.000 and other things. Omega Weapon MAYBE will get MAX STATS HP-2.960.550, and always both Weapons will be at lvl 100.


I´m think that is it for now. I´m playing FF8 and testing the changes boss after boss the see problems or issues during the gameplay, right now i´m in Abaddon boss, and i want to know from you guys some thoughts, ideas and feedbacks to this MOD ^^

My questions are:

1-Its possible create new enemies and magics using the tools to mod? 

2-I´m using this tools: Deling, Doomtrain, Cactilio and Ifrit, and until now the only problem that ím having it´s when i edit a AI from any enemie with IFRIT in the battle the graffics get mess up and i wanted to know if are anything to fix this?



Thanks to all and im sorry if this is not the right place to put this topic =/


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Hey there! Welcome to the forums. We have a forum dedicated to new / WIP projects, I'll be moving the thread there. Worry not though, your guess was the second-best anyway.


About the mod, nice to see a FFVIII mod. However, there are some things that I'd object from the list of changes.

The first thing I'm seeing is that you're aiming for a difficulty mod. Good, that's fine, I enjoy difficulty mods when done well. However, there are many issues qith FFVIII vanilla that don't seem to be addressed here, and will not make a good base game for a difficulty enhancement. Some of those are:

a) The draw and stock system, which relies on tedious grinding on an already long game.

b) Card Mod, which breaks pretty much any efforts to balance the game as it exists in vanilla.

c) Squall, Zell, Irvine Limit Breaks as they are, are overpowered because of their multihit potential.

d) General lack of stat rebalances throughout the game.

The point is this: If you don't fix the above (which is only a sum up version of the problems with vanilla), then you'll lose a lot of players from your mod, because the base game itself won't be enjoyable. In the case of a difficulty mod, it gets worse, because the challenge will be reduced to knowing how to exploit an engine, instead of coming up with legitimate strategies.


Now, suppose you fixed all of those previous to this post. There's still a lot of changes in your change list that I'd object are not gonna make an enjoyable game (and again, this comes from a player who has played and enjoyed a ton of difficulty mods, and even has created one):

1) This one is perfectly fine, part of a rebalance, which I said is needed.

2) Same deal. Part of the focus on a difficulty mod, to spice battles up.

3) Having an optional zone with enemies at level 100 is fine in concept, because it's left as a place with optional challenges that won't halt progress from the player. Now, what I'd suggest is differentiating the Island Closest to Heaven and Hell. Maybe making one of them replay bosses in higher levels, and the other one unique enemies? The problem is, adding Omega and Ultima weapon isna silly idea, because you're essentially removing the magic out of the optional dungeons, and you're adding fights that will be way too long for a world map battle. I wouldn't step area where I'll have random battles that take more than 10 minutes. It sounds tiring and tedious to the player. I see a tendency towards bringing tedium towards the player, which you should avoid at all costs, because it makes your game more tempting to be replayed.

4) Al level 100 in a dungeon is silly. You're forcing the player to grind to progress with no reason whatsoever. That already turns me off of playing the mod (And I'm sure people here would agree on that). Keep all battles throughout the game with levels balanced with the party level, or keep them with static levels, but it's a really bad design choice to change between the two, and even worse to change between the two and force grinding to the max level.

5) That's just a change seeking flavour, no comments can be made of that, ir you're looking to use it to rebalance the game.

6) Again, forcing level 100 is bad. Also, increasing stats just because is bad. Try to rebalance the bosses and make the battles more engaging (AI script changes would be a much finer solution to make the bosses more unique). That change also makes me not even try your mod.


Hope that helps.


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WOW i must say ty for point those questions, i admit, didn´t thought in all that issues and you are right, maybe i will focus more in the AI for now. It´s still hard to me lear that part but i keep trying. Like i said im having more problems with the AI messing up the graffics then others thing xD, i guess that my problem is alot of ideas and don´t know how to make then work in a simple way.


Exist any tools that can help on the AI? Im using Ifrit´s AI beta right now.

And its possible edit or create new enemies ad magics?

again thanks so much for your review ^^


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No idea there. I only know that qhimm is the place to go for a question like that.


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