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Final Fantasy VIII Reloaded (French Mod)

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Well I hesitate to post this because it's a french mod and my LP is entirely in Fench but I guess it could interest some people so here's the playlist :

The LP (in French)

The LP is nearly finish as I only have the Final Dungeon (including Omega Weapon) to go through.

So what is this Reloaded mod ? Well it's a french-mod made by a modder by the name of mexico for the PC version of FFVIII the goal of this mod was to of course increase the difficulty but also rebalancing the game and also add some new contents such as new sidequest and new bosses (even tough he had to reuse model that already exist as I don't think it's possible to import new model in FFVIII at the moment), currently the mod in his 1.5.2 version and might steel get some updates later as they are still things to improve. 

Some things I like to say :
-My LP isn't representative of the all mod as for once I'm not the best player around (far from it) but also because the experience with the mod can vary greatly, one thing this mod provide is that depending of your LV the experience will differ as mexico has completly remove the LV cap for story bosses they can now go up to LV100 and depending of the LV ennemies will have of course better stats but different attacks (as an exemple Ifrit will have Fire and Fira at lower LV but at higher LV he will have Firaga and Flare), and basically during the test of this mod we had player that has done a Low Level playthrough, player that has done a more "casual" playthrough (increasing LV as a reasonnable pace) and even a player who has done all the game at LV100 (by Leveling up his character at LV100 as soon as he get them) resulting in different experience with the game.

-I have play to LandonRay's Requiem Mod (tough it was version 1.2.1 on PSX back then) prior to this mod, so if you want my opinion of which one is the best I would say this one while Requiem was a fun mod I think it was less complete as this one, I think the Reloaded mod makes me use more aspect of FFVIII gameplay that I have use on the Requiem Mod and I felt like Requiem's difficulty was more coming of the ennemies's raw power than anything else but hey it's just my thought.

-Of course the mod is not perfect and mexico acknowledge that they are still things that could be improve and has also some glitches that he hasn't found a way to fix yet (most notably the magic source on the World Map have been randomly move at other place of the World Map and to this day mexico still don't know what cause this, also some random fight have graphical issues due to AI editing that can lead to having to close and reset the game that we may not have found yet (mexico know how to correct those tough and we already found and correct a lot of them and I didn't run into one of those since a really long time)

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