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Help required to find a code segment (changing value)

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Hi guys,

I've been having a new hardtype project going on but I've hit a snag I don't seem to get over by myself. I'm modding a game where a character has to fight monsters that scale according to the strength of the character. There are 4 monsters that have changing strength values, 1st being weakest and 4th the strongest.

I've been doing some research and found some multipliers that I'm pretty confident with. For example the 1st monster has theĀ Strength value of the playable character multiplied by 1.15, 2nd 1.2, 3rd 1.25 and 4th 1.3. The rest of the values (magic, agility, etc) go accordingly as well. I would like to find these values from the code and change them bigger to up the challenge. I don't even know how the values are stored in the code. When I tried to find the value of 1.15 stored as floating points I only found one value from the code. I changed it but it didn't up the strength of the monster so I changed it back to 1.15. So, I figured the multipliers are not stored as floats afterall? This is a ps2 game I'm talking about. I've been using Cheat Engine to see the strength values of the monsters I'm fighting in the game so I know if the stats change.

Does anyone here have a clue of how the multipliers could be stored in the code? I would be very greatful for any help.


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