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Agrias Journal: The search for an Oath

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Hello again people. After an extended vacations from these forums, I finally put myself back into shape and started to play monster tactics once more. I'm pretty sure by this point you may be wonder why I made a new threat and the answer is quite simple: I love Agrias and I hate the fact she was frigging neglected in the overall story after CH2 (All the cast aside of Oersted/Ramza suffer for this, but she's the biggest example of this). SO, without further adds, here's the Prologue:

August 5th - Orbonne Monastery



"So......were back here"


"Now,can explain why we're here?"

"........I'm leaving the party"


"I need some time for myself"

"Ok, if this is about that time when I grabbed your shoes and toss them into the water for giggles, I'm sorry alright?"

"It's not that, you bongus"


"It's been two years since we started our journey, and until now I was sure this battle was for the well-being of Ovelia"
"I can understand that, but why-"

"After all these events at Riovanes though, I'm pretty confused about my goals: Ovelia doesn't need me anymore and you have become quite the threat to the powers on Ivalice. Meanwhile, I'm the same as two years ago. I can't keep lying to myself"

"So.....this is it, then?"

"Please Oersted, understand"

"Why you're fretting around this? You need space to think what you need right now, and there no one who should deter you from doing that"


"Don't sweat it. Now get going"

"Farewell then"



".............Don't you dare die out there: I will hunt you soul even if I have to die for that: you still own me BIG TIME"

"HA! I don't need your approval. Later"

*walks away*

"..........I will miss you, Agrias" 

  August 17th - Public cementery (4/10)


"Sup Agrias, how's going?"

"Nothing new: I just chilled out and bought some nice fruits. Do you have something new for me, Geist?"

"You know it: Here's the deal"


"So....I'm doing some ass kicking because the old man watching just decided to take a trip somewhere?"

"Beats me. You know the drill: Go there and thrash them good"

"You know it's never that easy. See you later pal"


"Well, I guess it's a good thing I can just borrow the monsters left in the barracks. Oersted doesn't mind anyways"



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August 23th - Our resolve:


Ugh, these streets are always a chore to walk by. I didn't even get what I wanted!!!

You Ladyship, I finally found you

Darvos? what do you want? And stop the whole ladyship deal: I'm pretty sure I didn't consent that


We have been pondering about the recent events and we realize something: You and the captain have surpass us in terms of strength

We? Oersted surely has become quite a threat but I don't think I'm a example of fortitude......

Nonsense, both of you have mastered several arts, spells, even summons and we have become more and more weak as time pass. We all decided to take a rather risky method but we don't really care if we can help you

What?!? I refuse: I won't put any of you in peril just for our own gains

But you must: Each day that pass, Oersted can be killed and we won't let that happen., we believe he's the one who can unite both races in all Ivalice and for that your help is required

Darvos...... Well then: I will help you out, but promise me this: You won't do anything reckless for our sake


Now, what I need to do?

We need to search for a wild monster of my kind


Monster Infusion - Bomb






We won.Now what?

Well, I need some space if you would

"backs off"

Hmm........"fuses with the other monster"




He's no longer here: His essence has fused with this other being to gain more power. My name is Daburos and I shall follow you

I appreciate it,'re not him

Don't worry, his memories are inside me and I have the convictions as him. My brothers in arms will stumble across this destiny and you must accept this or otherwise we can't stand against those we desire to overthrown 

I understand


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Monster Infusion - Plague







Hello there little one: I'm Agrias Oaks


I know this is a new experience for you but hear me out on this: You're part of our crew and we must save Ivalice. Can I trust you will follow our lead?


I take that as "yes" *walks away*

................. (Forever with you, boss)



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September 2th - The Calm before the Storm:



Ugh.....These monsters have been such a pain lately

Yeah: This is the third squadron that followed us while doing our chores

THAT IDIOT!!! Even if he wasn't the one dealing the final blow, he should have avoid killing that fatass. Since then, we have the whole church on our tails

It could be worse: At least we have a gil incoming from dealing with Geist's jobs, and speaking of those he said we should see him since he got us a new job

Let's move them: I'm excited to deal with something a little more "spicy"


Really? a stuffed bear? Give me a break

If the rumors are true, this one will give you a run for your money

Just make a nice quiche: I'm gonna be back before you know it


Cute but deadly (7/10):




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Yeah, I found Cute but Deadly a nice back and forth boss battle. And just when you start thinking you could be tired of it, the boss blows up. 

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