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My boss series

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Well since I really enjoyed your HardType mod for SMT : Nocturne I decided to try out this one, since there is a lot less of customization and things to set up than Nocturne I suppose I don't need to go through the all process so here's my boss series in progress currently beat Heckran.


I'm gonna say the beginning was quite rough especially when Crono is alone the very first battle is very luck-base at LV1 and considering we can't run away from battles I suppose the next one would have been trouble so I had to grind up to LV3 while being with Marle to stand a decent chance, the beginning of the game in general was tough and the very first boss Yakra was challenging and I had to hold on and wait for him to be at the good placement so that I could attack without getting counter (because his counter hits really hard), the prison section is rough to due to having only Crono and Lucca fortunatly it's easy to grab some Mid Tonic, the Dragon Tank wass less troublesome than Yakra once figuring out it's better to just normally attack the head with Crono and keep Lucca on the healing duty with Item, then attack both the Heels and main body until the heels are destroy.

But since the Dragon Tank I have to admit that the mod has been quite easy since then (still more challenging than the original tough), I think this is mainly due to Marle joining, she heals for a fair amount and Aura cost only 1 MP plus the Duo Aura Whirl that heals everybody for emergency case, I guess the difficulty will increase later but for now it seems I am on the easy part of it and Heckran was the easiest boss so far but hey he is just a tutorial for magic after all.

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