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FF9 Mod hard Version steam.

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The mod is other version for Final fantasy 9 Ps1 but it is small There are things that look alike.

Possible change the picture for next version.
The fund, comes from one of my drawing and 100 hours the work..

Th max Exp to version is 55 000 000 and past level 99 is 3 500 000 million.

Hp and MP max is 9999 But it is impossible to past 7000/7000 or more.
Exept Unless you made a verry low level challenge.

Is possible learn the Synthesis Excalibur 2, only use Excalibur and Save the Queen.

The weapon, armor, and items add 15% to price the orginal

Weapon, armor stats is - 1/4 the base stats.

Max bonus possible is +14 and +12 to 4 variety Gems stone, find begin the CD 3.

Possible buy the Gems stone to Cleyra begin CD2

Gems stone is possible able learn the cool skill, eidolons,Blue magic,Passive skill and other good skill.

All skills learn 111 AP only.

Items add change- Potion (450 HP heal) Hit-Potion (1500 HP heal) Ether(450 MP heal) New items Hit-Ether(1500 MP heal)
Ether and hit-ether is possible bonus stats add magic, Siprit ,equipe Items Accessory Writs location, Elixir add + 4 all bonus.
Ore add +2 bonus and abillity +10 HP% +10 MP% and long reach.
Phoenix Pinion add +1 all stats, half Fire, ice, thunder magic and learn Phoenix, MP attack, High Jump.
Gysahl Greens add +2 all stats and learn Regen, Might, Jewel.
And other new items...

The commande is change.
1- Zidane use commande Steal and Skill hero
2- Vivi use commande Mage Int and Focus
3- Dagger use commande Mage Help and Mage Int
4- Steiner use commande Mix Art and throw
5- Freya use commande Jump and Dragon Wht
6- Quina use commande Jump and Blu Act
7- Eiko use commande Secret X and Mage Help
8- Amarant use commande Chakra X and Throw
9- Cinna use commande Jump and Mage Help
10- Marcus use commande Steal and Secret X
11- Blank use commande Throw and Mage Int
12- Beatrix use commande Dragon Wht and Chakra X

1-    Mage Help   26 spells  Magic: white mage /  black mage / summoner
Shiva, Ifrit, ramuh, atomos, odin, leviathan, bahamut, ark, cure, cura, curaga life, full- life, scan, panacea, stona , esuna, holy, fire, blizzard, thunder, shell, protect, fira , blizzara, thundara.
2-    Secret X   26 spells    Magic white mage /  black mage / summoner
atomos, odin, bahamut, leviathan, ark, fenrir, carbuncle, phoenix, madeen, thunder, blizzard fire, doomsday, break, death, comet , demie, drain, osmose, bio, jewel, focus, panacea, scan , life, cura.
3-    Mage Int    28 spells   Magic Blue mage /  black mage / summoner
fire, fira, firaga, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga, thunder, thundara, thundaga, osmose, drain demi, comet, death, water, meteor , doomsday, Pumpkin head, 1 000 needles, limit glove, Bad breath, Lv3 def-loss, lv 4 holy, lv 5 death , odin, ramuh, ifrit, shiva.
4-    Blu Act    26 spells     Magic white mage /  blue mage / black mage
shell, protect, haste, silence, mini, reflect, confuse, berserk, blind, float, dispel, might, magic hammer, mustard bomb, frost, vanish , white wind, frog drop, angel’s snack, earth snake, twister, night, pumpkin head, 1 000 neadles , limit glove, bad breath.
5-    Skill hero  18 spells    Magic Thief /  Hero male/ Monk
Flee, detect, What’s that !? , soul blade , annoy , sacrifice , lucky seven , thievery , free energy , tidal flamme , scoop srt , shift break , stellar cicle 5 , meo twister , solution 9 , grand lethal , chacra , spare change , aura .
6-    Dragon wht   21 spells   Magic dragon /  warrior / white mage
lancer, reis’s wind, dragon breath , white draw , luna , six dragoon , cherry blossom , dragon crest , chakra , no mercy , revivre , power break , armor break , mental break , magic break , cure , cura , regen, life , panacea ,esuna .
7-    Chacra X   19 spells .   Magic warrior /  Command / Monk
climhazzard, stock break, thunder slash , charges ! , steel , jump , defend , flee , mug , spear, focus , lv 5 death, lv 4 holy, lv 3 def-loss , chakra , no mercy , aura , curse , revive
8-    Mix art   18 spells   Magic warrior /  Hero female / ninja

Fire sword, fira sword, firaga sword, blizzard sword, blizzaga sword, blizzara sword, thunder sword, thundara sword, thundaga sword, magic break, demi shock, countdown , darkside , minu strike , iai strike , power break , armor break , mental break .

Download is version new version 1.5

The new version is update 1.5

Change Weapon, armor stats is - 1/4, and - 1/4 again the base stats.
More Reduce 1/4 again.

The max Exp to version is 55 000 000 and past level 99 is 3 500 000 million.
Change 83 250 000 and past level 99 is 5 150 000 million.
More 50% exp.

Texture the game is total new color.

Credit is [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop for Tirlititi and Fraggoso for the HD mods.
 Thanx for all so much..
Enjoy the new gamePlay..


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Your links have been removed because they violated the rules about posting rom files. Please only post your patch(es).

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Looks pretty good,unfortunately the links has been removed by administrator,maybe you should post the patch next time!

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