It's Official - Xion Defeated!

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I wanted to give a personal THANK YOU, to Doomsday (I don't know your alias, akas or real name) for helping me defeat this extremely good game - on hard mode.


It took about a week and a half of playing everyday religiously and A LOT of patience.


I'm considering making a full tutorial for this game but I may wait for 9.0 ( if it's really coming out).


Thank you DarkKefka - a brilliant and dedicated creator.


On Xion - a very difficult boss, but not impossible. IMO she's definitely the hardest boss in the game and EVEN harder if you haven't gotten the best gear in the game before fighting her. You need VERY specific gear to increase your chances of winning, and more specifics on that later..


The oathkeeper is kind of silly - don't understand the purpose of it especially since this is the "last boss".


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Nice!  Even more impressive is the fact you did it while missing over 300 max HP!

Thanks for the shoutout, and welcome to the Xion club! :sir:


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