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A Dummy

Hey there

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I guess I never did one of these even back on ID, basically just walking in like I was here the whole time. xD
Oh well, no time like the present.

Hi, I'm pretty much always hanging around though I usually don't have much to say.
I try to at least pipe up every once in a while when I actually do have something to say, but most of the time I'm just that guy in the corner listening while everyone else is talking.

It's sad that ID needed to pack up and basically jump ship since the old site wasn't allowing new people to sign in, but I'm looking forward to seeing NG+ grow from here.
We even carry over previous ID members and mods to here, truly making this a New Game+ for us here. (I couldn't resist.)

I would've also accepted "Good Difficulty" as a new site name. :kappa:


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