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Howdy again (AWOL time over)

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Reposting a fragment of what I posted in Discord chat today:
Howdy there gents. I've been AWOL for the past several months, because I had a huge burn out of it all. I know some of you have tried to reach me (including Kaffe today), and I really appreciate you being so kind to me. :D My life's been the same, except that I got a new job about the same time I went AWOL, which I love doing and it was a huge step forward for me. That, and college which is the most demanding yet, took a big toll in me, and my self-taken pressure to develop MMX and also be updated with the forums reached a boiling point and I handled it poorly, simply leaving NG+ to the rest without giving any explanations. I truly apologize because I've always loved this community, as the elders here know, and you'll always be at a special place in my heart.
Seriously, I love you guys and I've missed you a lot. What I can offer as a learning experience, is that you have to learn to lose that fear of returning to where you belong, if you truly care for that place.
Anyways. Have a good week yall. See you around.

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