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Rage Reference Sheet

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I love Gau. He is great fun to use and his Rages bring a lot of options to the table. However, players often find it easier to stick with a few core rages and just use them because... well... details for 64 Rages is a lot to remember. The printme has all the info the player needs to know everything about all the Rages but the info is spread across multiple tables and tabs.

So I've decided to do something to remedy it. I've taken the information from the printme, along with some information regarding some locations of the formations, and put it all in one single table. In addition, I've included a column where you can mark the Rages as collected or not and also sorted the Rages by attainability. These can be used to narrow down selections to only those available or help with making sure you have the ones you want.

I hope that players can use this to make Gau just a little bit more accessible by reducing the information barrier that the Rages have.

Anyway... I like spreadsheets. here it is. Enjoy and happy Raging 


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