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V9 superboss locations and rewards

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This will be a list of where to find all the optional superbosses that is unlocked after beating Smithy. And maybe even ones that can be challenged before then. The list will be in order of location, not difficulty. ENEMIES FOUND IN HIDDEN ENCOUNTERS WILL NOT BE PRESENT!

Mario's Pad: General Guy. To get access to this fight you will first have to defeat the 3 Anti-Guys that can be found in the game. There's one in Kero Sewers, where the mimic enemy used to be in vanilla, pretty easy to find and stumble upon while just roaming through the place. He gives you the Item Hunter. The second is in Rose Way. You will find him on the path with all the Shy Guys running around. He gives you the Siren. The third and final Anti-Guy can be found in Booster Pass. Take the top route from the first room then jump across a few gaps until you come face to face with the Anti Guy. He gives you the Battlemania. The reward for beating all 3 Anti-Guys is the Luigi Hammer. Talk to Luigi in Mario's Pad and he will give it to you. This is also where you'll bump into General Guy when trying to leave. He's pretty tough, so don't expect him to go down without a fight. The reward for beating General Guy is the Item Collector, which guarantess field drops from hidden encounter enemies.

Mushroom Way: One of the 3 lake guardians (Sorry, I can't remember which one, but you have to catch them all, so it doesn't really matter too much). You can find it by taking the upper path in the room with the rotating flower and entering the pipe. You should note that this fight is not available until you have spoken to Dawn, who can be found in Kero Sewers after beating Smithy. Winning gives you the Pixie Orb if it's the third and last lake guardian you catch.

Mushroom Kingdom: The Master, Margaret and Elizabeth. The Master: The Master is a solo fight with Mario that can be accessed after saving Peach from Marrymore and getting her in your party for real. He is found in the room right outside Daisy's room on the right path from the main corridor of the castle. Winning gives you the Super Boots which turns Mario's Jump into a Super Jump when equipped. Margaret: Margaret can be found on the right side of the map behind the item shop. You can interact with the velvet door once you recruit Peach and battle Margaret by choosing "fight" followed by "team battle". Winning gives you a Divine Pillar. Elizabeth: Elizabeth can be found at the same location as Margaret and is fought by choosing "fight" followed by "solo battle", you are then able to pick a character who will have a solo battle against Elizabeth. Winning will give you an armor of light for the character you fought her with.

Kero Sewers: Anti Guy, Ultima Weapon and Dawn. Anti Guy has already been explained in the General Guy section so let's move on to Ultima Weapon. Ultima Weapon can be found in a hidden room accessed from the save room right before the fight with Belome. The pipe leading to Ultima Weapon is out of reach, so you'll have to exploit the game a little and jump on a Boo and then fleeing from it. This allows you to jump on the Boo without fighting it for a brief moment and during this time you can get up to the pipe and fight Ultima Weapon. He's only there after beating Smithy and winning gives you a Genji Armor. After beating Smithy, you will see Dawn in the area above ground. Talking to her will start a quest for the lake guardians. To find the lake guardians initially you have to go to Monstro Town and sleep in the bed there, the lake guardians will appear in a dream and you will have to find their hiding spots. One can be found at the very end of Bandit's Way, another can be found in the area on the right side of Tadpole Pond and the last one can be found in the secret area of the Forest Maze. After finding them, they will flee to a cave. Where to find these caves will be explained within the section where they are found. Once you catch them all, Dawn will ask you to find 4 other Pokémon, these are Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Arceus. They are all found in Nimbus Land, and their locations will be explained in more detail during that section. After catching them, Dawn will give you the Choice Specs. You now have the ability to battle Dawn in a Pokémon duel. Winning gives you the Choice Scarf. As an addition, after catching the first sets of Pokémon for May and Dawn you can challenge Red in an area next to Bean Valley on the World map. Beating him gives you 500 frog coins.

Rose Way: Anti Guy 2 and General Guy refight. Anti Guy 2 has already been featured in the first General section therefore he will not be explained here. You can refight General Guy in the same room where you fought the Anti Guy once you beat him in Mario's Pad.

Rose Town: Ozma. In order to access Ozma, you'll need to get your hands on the Fertilizer and the Seed. You can get the Fertilizer from Anti-Shy Aways and you can get the Seed from the regular Shy Aways. Once you have these items, head to the right side of Rose Town where you can access an area with a single house. Enter the house and talk to the guy inside and give him the Seed and Fertilizer when prompted. After giving them both, he will plant the Seed in a pot and put Fertilizer on it. It will then grow into a beanstalk which you can climb to access a cloudy area where Ozma is hidden. Winning gives you a Super Ribbon.

Forest Maze: Mystery Girl. Go through the forest until you get to the area with the save point right before the maze. Go these directions from Mario's perspective in this order: left, left, straight, right. If done right, you will find yourself in a small area with a single stump. Going down into the stump will take you to a darker version of the area with the save point. Walk to where the maze would start and a girl will appear. (there might be some conditions to have her fight, please let me know if there is.) If you have beaten Smithy, you will also hear music start followed by the start of the battle. After a while, the Mystery Girl will summon Lunar Bahamut. After beating Lunar Bahamut, you will be able to finish Mystery Girl and recieve a Crystal Ring.

Ice Cave: Shiva, another lake guardian and May. Shiva can be found in a single pipe with a piranha plant in it. Fight the piranha plant, then enter the pipe. If you got the wrong single pipe, you will instead be greeted with a Tonberry. If you entered the correct pipe, you will be taken to a room completely made of ice (IMPORTANT NOTE! There are 2 rooms with a single pipe in the middle of the room. The first one leads to Shiva's room and the second one leads to the Tonberry.). Go further right until you stumble upon Shiva. Winning gives you a Glacial Fan. The lake guardian can be found at the very end of the Cave down a pipe. Just like the last one, winning gives you nothing unless it's the third one you catch, in which case it gives you a Pixie Orb. May spawns once you beat Smithy and asks you to catch Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. They will be explained in more detail within the section they appear. After catching them, May asks you to catch Latias and Latios. They can both replace an enemy within a hidden encounter. Catching them and talking to May gives you a Dragon Claw. You can now challenge May to a Pokémon duel. Winning gives you a Soul Dew. As an addition, after catching the first sets of Pokémon for May and Dawn you can challenge Red in an area next to Bean Valley on the World map. Beating him gives you 500 frog coins.

Booster Pass: Anti Guy 3 and the last lake guardian. The Anti-Guy has once again been explained in the General Guy section, so let's move on to the third lake guardian. You can find the cave by taking the lower path from the entrance to where you continue climbing the mountain. If you follow the ground instead of climbing you will come across a spot where a part of the rocks are missing. Walk into this area to reach the cave to the lake guardian. Winning gives you nothing unless it is the last lake guardian you beat, in which case you get the Pixie Orb.

Star Hill: Trial Mode, Rydia and Goddess. Trial Mode can be accessed by talking to Rosalina after beating Smithy and choosing to go through Trial Mode. Trial Mode consists of a large number of non-FF bosses from the game and has Rosalina as a final boss. Speaking to Rosalina initially rewards you with a Galaxy Shell and if you beat Rosalina you get a Galaxy Ring. Rydia can be found right when you enter Star Hill, but there's a catch. One of the first things you see when you enter the area is a star door with a flower next to it. The flower has lost its power, and needs to get it back in order to let you go through the door to Rydia. This is done by interacting with the flower while having a Fertilizer in your inventory. Give the Fertilizer to the flower, and you'll be able to go through the star door and face Rydia. After a while, Rydia will summon Bahamut. Same thing with the Mystery Girl, beat Bahamut, followed by Rydia and you win. Winning gives you a Rainbow Robe. The Goddess is behind a star door in the last area where you found the star piece. It's hard to miss so just go to where the star piece was and you'll see the door. Activate the flower and walk inside. Beat the Goddess and gain the Minerva.

Seaside Town: Yiazmat. Yiazmat can be found at the end of a hidden area behind the trees in the room where you fought Yaridovich. Winning gives you the Holy Rod.

Sea: Larxene, Emerald Weapon and Kyogre. Larxene can be found in the save room in a black cirlce. Defeating her gives you a Foudre and a Found Illusion. If you fight her again she will be stronger and only give you a Found Illusion. Emerald Weapon can be found in the first room where you can use whirlpools to go underwater. Use the whirlpool and walk into the area to the right. Emerald Weapon is waiting in the middle of the room. Winning gives you a Mystile. Kyogre can be found in the next area where you enter the Sunken Ship. Use a whirlpool and enter the cave next to you to face Kyogre. Winning gives you the Blue Orb. After defeating both Groudon and Kyogre, Rayquaza appears in Bowser's Keep.

Sunken Ship: Shinryu. Shinryu can be found behind some barrels underwater in the last room before you start fighting the pirates. Go behind the barrels that resemble a staircase to find a door. Walk inside the next room where you see a chest. Open the chest to find Shinryu. Winning gives you the Ultima Weapon.

Land's End: Via Infinito. Via Infinito is filled to the brim with nasty baddies, the first of which being the Master Tonberry, who gives you a Demon Mail when defeated. Next is the Elder Drake who gives you a Hyper Wrist when defeated. Third is Chac who gives you some Pixie Dust when defeated. Last but not least, Paragon. Paragon is found in the last room of Via Infinito and gives you an Iron Duke when defeated.

Monstro Town: Jinx and Magus & Schala. Jinx can be found by going up the stairs to his Dojo. If you haven't already, you'll have to defeat Jagger. You will then be able to enter a solo battle with Geno vs Jinx. Winning gives you the Bombs Away. Magus & Schala can be fought by going through the second door from the left. Winning gives you an Angel Tiara.

Bean Valley/Nimbus Land: These two areas are connected by the cloud climbing section and because of Dialga and Palkia, they are the same section. During the climbing section you can find Dialga and Palkia by taking an alternate path at one point. Beating both let's you battle Giratina. Outside Nimbus Castle you can walk on air and find Giratina, who grants access to Arceus upon defeat. Arceus can be found in the last area of Nimbus Castle where Mario fell during the chase sequence. Winning gives you nothing :(. In the area with the hot springs you can find Penance, who gives you a Super Ribbon upon defeat.

Barrel Volcano: Groudon and Kaiser Dragon. Groudon can be found by jumping on the small platforms in the first room with enemies and proceeding to the next area. When you get there, you might think there's nothing there, but jumping into the lava will fling you right over to Groudon. Winning will give you the Red Orb. After defeating both Groudon and Kyogre, Rayquaza appears in Bowser's Keep. Kaiser Dragon can be found two rooms before the shop area, you will see a shining object in the middle of some lava. Interacting with it from the right side will initialte a battle with Kaiser Dragon. Winning gives you the Dragon Mail.

Bowser's Keep: Palace of Shadow, FF Boss Rush and Rayquaza. The Palace of Shadow can be found on the right side of the room where you fought the magikoopa. Enter the right door and proceed onwards to get to the Palace of Shadow. At the end, you will be able to either leave or fight the Shadow Queen. Beating the Shadow Queen gives you the Shadow Ring. The FF Boss Rush can be found right outside the entrance to the Palace of Shadow and let's you fight all FF bosses and a brand new final boss, Terra. Beating the FF Boss Rush gives you a Paladin. Rayquaza can be found by entering the left door from where you fought the magikoopa and jumping on the trampoline. Catching Rayquaza gives you the Jade Orb.

The Factory: Omega. Omega can pretty much only be found on accident. In the large room with the conveyor belts and platforms connecting 2 separate parts of the area there are some places where you can fall down. Doing this will take you to an area with a spring and a chance to go further. Go further to find Omega. Winning gives you a Forced Armor.

???: Xion. To face Xion, you need to go to the Sunken Ship and enter the password "Oathkeeper", this will trigger an epileptic shock for some people and also unlock Xion. If you manage to defeat her, you will get an Oathekeeper.




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