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Era tool is a graphical editing tool capable of exporting, viewing, replacing and importing custom models in FFXII TZA (PC).
It is used exclusively for the The Zodiac Era, however a beta build has been made for an initial build of the tool for the community.

Tool being updated.

Currently I want the tool's bugs with importing new models to be eliminated on it's initial stable build; that's the bug I'm working out of it. On the location maps, the bugs are some collision and zoning issues.  an example of that issue (UV + collision errors) 
see here

other test maps (with still present collision errors) can be found here

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Would you want a page in the Downloads section?


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On 6/1/2019 at 7:45 PM, Hart-Hunt said:

Would you want a page in the Downloads section?

Sure. I forgot about this thread from the update, I'll post it hear too:


Animation swapping now working feature of the tool.
You can now swap/apply animation of other characters (Guests/Foes/etc.) on the main cast, or any model. With this feature, it is possible to use a different character in town areas other than Vaan.
You can swap a model within Vaan's slot and then apply his relative animation onto the target's animation data.


You can replace/swap, but not add (adding is buggy/not working well). Cutscene animations are the next task, because these do not bode well after a swap/replace. Adding one character's animation to another is buggy and will crash the game at the moment.
Various (but not all) animation of the characters are held separately from the .dae counterparts. The tool keeps the bone/weights and deforms as similar to the bipedal model in which it will replace. This may not hold nicely for some characters with less-than-normal characters.
The next part of the tool before a beta release is its full extraction of the model and their bones (still not complete).

YouTube™ Video: Era Tool - Animation Swapping/Replacing 
Views: 77


stance -> Dagger // stance-> ninja swords

Since Nyx's signature weapons are dual daggers.

I also tested it briefly on Imperial models in regards to opening doors/interacting and have not gotten a freeze; however, in terms of replacement, some animation is not present for such foe because of this reason.
A similar method is used for importing models.

Other Functions

I've been looking into the importation of new maps. Understanding the map and minimap tracking that can use such data to apply to the correct coordinate bounds.
Regrading enemy spawns, that's to be determined. I've been searching to find conditional triggers within the game. Predetermined.

Further Notes

Due to bugs still occurring with it, it's not solid, hence why this beta does not have the capability to import characters (extracting characters comes first, then bugs on importing will be worked on), however the updating of other character animation is worked upon for future versions. The p.models in the beta release are last, rough exports + additional tasks the tool is to do. I hope to have it understood and fixed after I finish other prioritized tasks.



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