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Did I break the game? (Mr Smile and Rank ups)

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Hey guys,

I've started playing this mod a few days ago, the challenge was appreciated at the beginning of the game, was hard but not impossible, but then I met this Mr Smile guy and started doing rank ups, then this happened:

I'm at Nibelheim, and I didn't grind specifically except when my curiosity for morphing and stealing got the better of me, he is rank 4 I believe and here are his stats:

Cloud Lvl 41:

STR 241

DEX 121

VIT 113

MAG 167

SPR 177

LCK 119


And my other characters about the same (Caith sith basically at max STR and LCK) and hitting like freight trains at 2.5-3k range on late disc one.


Is that supposed to happen? Did I make a booboo somewhere?


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