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X Kirby

Dokapon Kingdom Wii Randomizer

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I made a randomizer for an already stupidly random game! If you played Dokapon Kingdom, you already know what to expect, only I made it more random.

Things that can be randomized:

  • Equipment Stats (Weapon, Shields, Accessories)
  • Magic Stats (Offensive, Defensive, Field)
  • Item Money Values
  • Class Base Stats, Level Up Bonuses, Salaries, and Carrying Capacity
  • Monster Base Stats and Drops
  • Loot Space Drops
  • Shops' Item Stocks

There's also some toggles for SERIOUSLY RANDOMIZED stats, which I recommend avoiding unless you want the game to be completely unplayable. Your choice though.

I made this in ~6 days, so it's not great, but it gets the job done. I also made it in Python 2.7, which is near end-of-life, so once I get it working, I'm not updating it more than I have to. I've already got a compiled build ready to upload whenever I'm allowed to. I've also attached screenshots for your (and my) enjoyment.








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