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Mod Information & Translation - v2.9.3 - 2/5/21

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After a 2.5 year long hiatus, Tsushiy has popped back and updated the mod to version 2.9.3 and 1.6.2 for EX.

We've gone ahead and added everything to the English version for this update already, and the update notes can be found in the history.html file. The following stuff is a rundown on what was added:

- Various bug fixes, including the item 255 ID bug (completely this time).

- Leveling up 2 or more times with 1 character in a battle was causing stat errors and has been fixed.

- Due to the above, Experience Egg has been readded to the mod. The 2 locations for it are a reward from a new battle on the Floating Continent and a treasure chest in the WoR's new tower area.

- A color cycling patch thanks to Leet Sketcher has been added, now cycling the colors of buffs/debuffs on your characters, allowing you to see Protect, Shell, Haste, etc all at once instead of just 1 color.

- Flare Star and Wave Cannon's effect values have been reduced from 45->42 and 88->77 respectively.

- Setzer's default outfit has been changed. With this, I've gone ahead and added his older sprite as an optional patch in the event people may prefer it over the new one. An image of the new sprite is below.

- Locke's default sprite has had a few dots corrected.

- Intangir's AP total has been changed.

- Numerous other things have been changed slightly or weren't documented by Tsushiy, so if we discover anything substantial, we'll make a note of it (things like if all achievement statues are unlocked, they now animate and pose).

Your old save files SHOULD work for 2.9.3, just make sure to rename your .srm file and make a back up before loading the emulator and always load a hard save, not a save state.

In other news, MSU-1 for the music should be available relatively soon, so when that happens I'll make a seperate forum post about it and the process to use it.



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1 hour ago, Dorothy said:

I check this thread constantly. You'd think the excitement would wane, but it hasn't.

Thanks! We're doing our best to keep this thing up-to-date and keep improving upon it. Glad you're enjoying it.

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you guys are awesome!  I can tell you..i had a horrible time playing through T edition a few years ago in japanese.  i kind of guessed or memorized what the item names looked like.  T edition offered such quality of play, i'm looking forward to playing through it again!


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We've discovered the cause of what we thought was just a random very rarely occurring bug that is currently persisting until further notice.

Basically, if you open a treasure chest or get an item with ID above 256: Hero's Ring, Guard Bracelet, Dead Spirit, Prayer Beads, Black Belt, Dragon Horn, Celestriad, Master's Scroll, Bacchus's Bracer, Safety Bit, Mime's Dictionary, Bracer, Tetra Elemental, Embroidered Tippet, Soul of Thamasa, Zeidrich, Flame Cape, Wind Corsage, Earth Greaves, Water Cuffs, Maiden's Prayer, Imp's Feelings, Piggy's Badge, Experience Egg

and don't open your menu after getting it, then enter a battle and win an item, it will result in you getting a garbage data item (with the lua warning you to toss/sell it asap to avoid glitches). We discovered this bug via a streamer doing a battle after picking up the Experience Egg (it can happen with any of the above items as we determined, it just happened to be with the egg when we found out) where the boss dropped its item as garbage data. With some testing by not getting the egg, he dropped his normal item. Getting the egg again and re-fighting the boss caused the glitch. Checking the memory when getting the Experience Egg before/after determined the bug.

I've reported this to Tsushiy so any fixes or updates will happen hopefully soon. In the meanwhile, just check your item inventory (opening the menu is enough) and you'll be fine.

Once more, simply just opening the menu screen will fix the issue as weird as it may sound. Failing to do so then entering a battle/winning an item will give a random item not intended, possibly even corrupted things.


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