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  1. I hate you.
  2. I played it and ended up stopping right at Calamity due to the same issues you are facing. It really didn't feel so much as a "let's bump the difficulty up" type of mod and more like a "let's torture you with ridiculously OP shit, even trash mobs" type of mod. It's a pity, because Xenogears is great but the vanilla game is just too easy. If this mod was toned down just a little bit it would be glorious.
  3. until

    Glad to see someone using the calendar function. If you are a regular streaming we can consider adding you to the streamer list on the site. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Sup

    Quad, me boy! Welcome. Will be great having you back.
  5. Also, I have a good friend that I usually play with. If we can find a 4th person that would be great so if we play squad we don't get matched with a random.
  6. I'll be on tonight. Most likely around 7PM-10PM EST.
  7. Just uploaded it into our downloads section. Not sure why it wasn't there to begin with. Here you go:
  8. Ninjasdf#1724
  9. Already posted this in chat but since that can't reach everyone in this community I figured why not start a thread. Anyone here play PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)? Looking to get a few more people to play with. If so, drop a line in this thread with usual play times (include timezone) and Steam ID so we can link up. There is only one rule that I ask anyone who plays a PUBG game with me: Your character must never wear pants.
  10. I'm locking this thread. Enough is enough.
  11. Welcome and glad to have you on board. May the old school live on
  12. I just want to point out that JKnox did in fact create another account simply to double-dip on the negative repping. He had the same exact IP address. That is different from the same domain and pinpoints it was the exact same computer that created both accounts. My career is web development so I have a strong understanding of these things. Having been a part of this community for about 4 years now I can guarantee that it is not a toxic (except @Kyrios, he's a toxic piece of shit ) place. If it was I would've been banned long ago on Insane Difficulty for calling out people's bullshit. I enjoyed the community and people so much I created this place when Insane Difficulty was broken beyond repair and it was unable to be fixed. You and JKnox seem to be the only ones thinking this place is toxic. And most here know me enough that it takes a lot of stupid shit (on either side) being said in order for me to call someone out on it. Half the time the community polices itself and staff doesn't need to do anything. Stop with the insults and let's put this shit behind us.
  13. As a fellow Linux fan I applaud you. That said, we can't host prepatched roms due to legal issues. Best advice I can give is to contact the mod creator and see if they can help you out getting the patch working on Linux.
  14. @JKnox You made a completely understandable argument if this was TheRebalancer's first post. I doubt many here would downvote your argument. The key piece that I think you're missing is this isn't his first post. He has basically come on board and complained that BNW is wrong because he can't do what he wants to with it. If he complained about the removal and mentioned it could've been spoilered instead it would've been completely reasonable. What's funny is the OP even asked for spoiler tags. This board isn't above sharing secrets and info, just do it the right way. In response, TheRebalancer decided to make some insulting metaphors instead. If we really rolled 1984 style you'd both be gone for disagreeing and all history of your presence removed. After all, 2 + 2 = 5. @TheRebalancer You can disregard rep. That's fine. It is far from the end all be all here and it really isn't overly important. However, it works as a general guidepost for how a member interacts with others. What my original statement to you meant was that you've been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way in order for them to actively downrep you the way they have. This isn't a circlejerk where people try to farm rep. Isn't that serious. But try to have some more situational awareness. Sometimes it's not everyone else that's wrong. Sometimes it's ourselves.