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  1. He doesn't use Elixirs when you play to his elemental gimmick, or at least he's not supposed to at any rate.
    If you're not sure about what his current weakness is when he does a barrier change you can always just use Scan to check it, but even if you do throw a "wrong" spell at him the worst that should happen is it just does no damage. (Or does it absorb? I don't quite remember at the moment.)
    I could be wrong on this, but I think you can also technically use non-elemental magic without him using an Elixir, but he does counter stuff like that with a strong attack (Overkill I think?) since it's circumventing his gimmick, so don't use stuff like that too much or you'll die from all the counters. (Though maybe he does still use an Elixir? I don't quite remember in this case.)


  2. There's one in the Unlockme as part of the Printme in there that contains some extra hidden information. (Though it doesn't tell you everything  ;))
    Try stealing stuff from the Dahling type enemies, like in Ozer's Mansion if you haven't been through there already. (Can be easy to miss those as I don't think any more appear in that area besides the ones in the forced chest encounters the first time through.)
    Also Witches in the Phoenix Cave give what I'd consider an actually important item if you're a fan of using Gau.
    Bringing Locke to Cyan's Dream is a good idea too if you want some more chances at stuff before the final dungeon. (Though nothing is really missable there since you can find some cousins of the enemies there in other locations.)
    It's also worth mentioning that in general enemies of the same type will have the same kind of steals on them. (Except for Gum Pods :P)

    edit: Oh and as an extra note to avoid confusion, the Fanatic's Tower enemies are their own group as far as steals go, even if they share sprites of enemies found elsewhere.


  3. 6 hours ago, WicForever said:

    My gift to you @A Dummy Hope you enjoy it! (It did not like my file...so YouTube it is)

    Merry Christmas!

    Thank you, it's simple yet also sweet, like getting a Christmas card in video form. (and Final fantasy/Mario RPG themed to boot!)


    12 hours ago, ronlyn said:

    Of course I love megaman. I'm actually thinking of record my run of it

    Thanks @A Dummy

    That's a relief, I was getting a little anxious when making it that it might not be something relevant to your interests, so I'm glad that it worked out after all.


  4. Might as well put my thing out since I finished it, plus I'll be busy tomorrow as well.
    I made a Mega Man level with the free fan-made Mega Maker for @ronlyn , which I admit I actually have no idea if he likes Mega Man or not but it was the idea I came up with so I rolled with it.
    Hopefully it doesn't feel too amateurish, I tried to at least make sure it's not too difficult, but even if certain parts do end up being more difficult than I realize you still get some tools like the Magnet Beam and Rush Coil to help. (Or you can also just run through the whole thing using only the Mega Buster, that works too.)

    Download link for the level.
    (I think it can just be placed directly into the Mega Maker Levels folder found in Appdata>Local and it should show up, but I don't actually know from experience)

    If you'd rather get it from the in game servers themselves the level ID is 176954
    Mega Maker itself can be downloaded from here https://megamanmaker.com/

    I'm sorry about there being some assembly required for my gift, but as I said before it was what I came up with to do so I rolled with it.
    I'm also additionally sorry if this is bending the rules a bit, as I myself didn't make Mega Maker of course, but I figured it would be okay since it's completely free and all. (And the level itself is still all me putting it together)


  5. I suppose I could actually try to participate in the community after 2+ years of lurking around you guys.

    Though as a warning I don't really have much creative skills beyond "I can play video games" so I'm not sure what I can do exactly, but to my understanding part of the point is doing something past what I'm used to doing. (Even if it doesn't end being very outstanding.)
    Plus, hearing that even some of the regulars around here didn't always finish their Secret Santa does make me feel a little better.

    So yeah, I can give this a try and throw my name in the hat, even though I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to contribute.


  6. Your complaints against the random 9999 attacks are valid, but I feel like you kinda just glossed over the part where Doomsday already mentioned that there is going to be way less of them in v9, with Ozma being the exception since that was his gimmick back in FF9.

    As for the amount of healing getting out of hand, it kinda really was when you could just put Regen on someone which would heal them fully when their turn came up, so if an attack didn't kill them outright it basically didn't matter, so someone can just stock up on Mighty Guards to apply a full party Regen and stat buffs in one turn, combined with getting full elemental resist and status resist through equipment.

    But again, I agree it was getting out of hand with all these things piling up in v8, but just from what I've heard many of these issue are already being addressed for v9, including the removal of the Invulnerability buff so it's not even a balance concern.
    If I heard right I think it was getting changed to a 50% damage resist that stacks with defense up, but I'm not sure, info is kinda scattered all about and not really consolidated very well, so I'm sure there's a lot I am missing.


  7. Glad to have you aboard now Darkkefka, was wondering when you'd finally find your way over here. xD

    As for why ID is gone, the short version is the site was getting overrun with bots so badly that registration itself had to be disabled just to stop it. (We're talking literal hundreds of bots showing up every day.)

    So in response to the decaying state of ID and the absence of the site's owner Archael, Newgame Plus was created as a sort of sister site to host some of the hacks from ID that were still being actively developed so the community could actually grow with new members. (Hacks like Brave New World for example.)
    And it was also made with a broader vision in mind of being the place to host "Well designed hacks" rather than simply "Challenging Hacks" that ID was more aimed toward. (Though you can still make hard hacks here, it's just not the sole focus of this site.)

    A few months pass, ID is still being watched over by the admins, and lo and behold Archael himself shows up out of nowhere...And then immediately kicks both Advent (Kyrios) and Ninjasdf from their admin positions and proceeds to blame them for ID being dead because of shutting down registration, and basically says the bots weren't that big of a deal and they should have been able to just comb through and delete them manually. (And just overall being a jerk to those who would have been willing to work with him had he not acted up this way.)
    So he reactivates registration, and ID pretty quickly gains over a hundred new members in less than 5 minutes...Members who were not shy about letting everyone know what their favorite sports team is or what their preferred brand of cigarette was or where to get "male enhancement" pills. (Spoilers, they were all bots.)
    So between that and Archael basically taking a dump on some of his most loyal community members, not to mention he came in with illusions of grandeur basically saying "Your lord and savior has returned, I will fix all the problems" but no one bought it, the community backed him into a corner and called him out on his trash, forcing him to apologize to save face at all.
    But the damage was already done at this point, and most of the main members of the community jumped ship entirely to NG+, leaving Archael with his sinking ship that was ID.

    And then ID was just gone.
    There isn't really much to say at this point beyond speculation, did Archael delete ID just to save face from his own misgivings, or maybe he did it because he saw that ID was dead now and this was his way of acknowledging that NG+ is the one to carry the torch now? (I mean I doubt it, but it sure makes for good poetry.)
    But whatever his reasons, one things for sure, the biggest loss from ID disappearing so suddenly is the storm that happened when Archael returned, we can only tell tales of the fireworks that flew that day as the community saw him for the garbage he really was, any respect people may have had for him before he showed up was completely gone by that point.

    And that about sums up what happened to ID


  8. If I recall right Stamina actually was a full tank stat covering both physical and magical damage back in version 1.6 making it more of the catch all resist stat.

    But I have to agree overall it is better to have Vigor be the physical stat for both attack and defense so Vigor builds can stand up better in the front, keeping Stamina as more of the utility stat.


  9. Oh my mistake.
    For some reason I thought I remembered seeing some discussion that concluded that the double turns were too difficult to really balance and were probably going to be removed, cool to hear that something was figured out for keeping them in though. (Late response is late.)
    Maybe I was getting it confused with the Invulnerability effect being replaced with a damage resistance effect?


  10. I don't know if this is still a problem, but I think there was a missable hidden chest in Nimbus Palace that actually changes into a different hidden chest in the same spot after you beat Valentina. (Game glitches can be weird at times.)

    The hidden chest in the Mushroom Kingdom that was missable in the vanilla game was moved to a different spot in the room so you can still reach it later on.


  11. It's also worth mentioning that there are some features in this version that are actually going to be cut from the final release, such as double-turns being removed since you could attack and defend on the same turn and was generally bad for balance.

    As a whole, I'd say for someone wanting to play the hack for the first time they should stick with version 8 on the "easy" mode. (The hard mode should really be called "Kaizo mode" and the easy mode labeled as "Standard mode" so people don't get the wrong idea.)
    And only to play this version if you want a bit of a sneak-peak at what's coming up in the new version, knowing ahead of time that there are parts of it that are broken and have to be fixed in an editor to get past them.


  12. I'm not really much of an expert, but your team is actually very similar to what I had when I fought him. ( Locke, Edgar, Cyan, Gau.)
    Though I ended up at a higher level for sure since I tend to wander around places making sure I get everything, fighting the randoms along the way.

    How I dealt with him is I actually had Gau raging Hornet which casts Slow X to keep him slowed, and the slow casts will remove the haste he gets every time he pops a Slim Jim, it's damage from attacks isn't too bad either with 3x damage for it.
    With Locke I had him dual-wielding Full Moons from the back-row, it's safer and it still puts out really nice damage with the random throw procs. (Very satisfying for me every time both hits proc.)
    If you have the Drill for Edgar that can set sap, which will remove regen in the process so that can help a lot too, otherwise you can also use Gau on Albatross to set sap with Fireball, but that does put him on double duty which can be pretty tricky if you don't know what you're doing.

    This is the gear setup I had, though I will first admit that I still did extra GP grinding at this point because I have problems and want to own everything when I can. (But with exp gain turned off so as to not become even more overleveled.)


  13. It wouldn't have to necessarily be somewhere underwater for the Water Rondo dance, the Lete River and Barren Falls backgrounds are also both considered water areas for getting Water Rondo. (Though it's not actually possible to have Mog fight at Barren Falls.)
    So it could be more natural to have a riverside area somewhere, or maybe have a repeatable "waterfall" that you could jump off of for getting Water Rondo.
    Though the River background does have that raft glued to it at all times, and I can't think of anywhere that a waterfall could fit in that you would even have a reason to jump down from.

    If adding a new background was possible, I'd actually like to see the WoR above ground Serpent Trench be more of a wetlands/marsh type area for getting Water Rondo, since it was completely underwater before so I'd imagine it would still be really wet around there. (Plus Mobliz is even shown as being flooded in WoR.)

    Other simpler ideas I could see working is just setting Zozo as a "water zone" since it's always raining there, or even just have Mog start with it outright since you don't get him until you have the airship anyway.


  14. Could also potentially be a bad rom or something, so you might need to try patching the game again to a fresh rom. (Saves are fine as long as the rom name is the same as it was before.)
    I know zsnes isn't the most accurate emulator, but it should still be able to play the game from start to finish with no problems as far as I know, just some badly emulated sound effects. lol


  15. Glad to see you guys were able to get enough money put together.
    Unfortunately I'm not in the position to do anything over the internet with money, otherwise I would've tossed a couple of bucks his way.

    I don't really know the guy, but I still have respect for the work he does, especially for his more recent work on Brave New World.

    Anyway, sad to hear that he's going through hard times, but I'm glad you guys got it worked out.


  16. I guess I never did one of these even back on ID, basically just walking in like I was here the whole time. xD
    Oh well, no time like the present.

    Hi, I'm pretty much always hanging around though I usually don't have much to say.
    I try to at least pipe up every once in a while when I actually do have something to say, but most of the time I'm just that guy in the corner listening while everyone else is talking.

    It's sad that ID needed to pack up and basically jump ship since the old site wasn't allowing new people to sign in, but I'm looking forward to seeing NG+ grow from here.
    We even carry over previous ID members and mods to here, truly making this a New Game+ for us here. (I couldn't resist.)

    I would've also accepted "Good Difficulty" as a new site name. :kappa: