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  8. Hello everyone! This is my first post here on New Game Plus and I'm excited to be able to share these 3 projects with the community! I've been in modding scenes for a long while now and have many minor to large projects (mainly across Final Fantasy titles) However my largest one are these two below: Final Fantasy IX: Ascension is the Japanese-to-English translation of the once-discontinued entry: Final Fantasy IX: The After Years. FF9: Ascension is the prologue to the Zodiac Trilogy series - Final Fantasy IX Type-0. Download Final Fantasy IX Ascension and takes focus on the events after the ending of Final Fantasy IX; following the rise of strange beasts breeding within Quan's Dwelling and the mysterious shrine that lies within.FF9: Ascension was brought to light in its first, completed form after the discovery of abandoned files for FF9: The After Years (JP). The (US) version of it is forever gone; resulting in this translation and improvement. This entry does not feature any new models, and has very little to no random encounters, or boss battles.Final Fantasy IX: Ascension Lore see hereThis entry's lore is stemmed from the following seen before:1800 Gaia Zidane, Vivi, Dagger, Steiner, Freya, Eiko, Quina and Amarant are considered the Judges of Gaia by the locals and civilians within the 4 nations for their heroic acts in restoring peace to Gaia. Sometime after the coronation of Queen Garnet, and the end of the play: I Want to be Your Canary, Maenhanoj is preparing to summon Lavos for reasons unheralded. It's true such intentions were to harness it's great power; that would prove inevitable...Gameplay The gameplay is choosable in this entry. You can use Alternate Fantasy, FF9: Type-0, even Memoria for gameplay with this. This entry in itself is strictly scenaristical. Final Fantasy IX Type-0 follows the events of Quaternary 2017 and takes setting in Holocene Era 1800 with Nyx as the protagonist and Rydia as the deuteragonist. Download For lore see here.TO INSTALL:Search for your Steam installation directory.It should be something like "C:\Program Files\Steam"2) From there, go to the following folder :steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IX3) Take the files contained in this .rar archive and replace the corresponding Steam files by them.Namely,- All files in "StreamingAssets\" "StreamingAssets" folder,- All files in "x64\FF9_Data\" goes to the "x64\FF9_Data" folder,- All files in "x64\FF9_Data\Managed\" goes to the "x64\FF9_Data\Managed" folder,- All files within the .rar archive go in your FINAL FANTASY IX/ directory replacing all files.WARNING DAMAGE BREAK LIMITS!FF9 has a specific function in some enemy AI scripts, whenever their HP falls below 10,000 to do a special attack. Some new abilities can mess this up and cause the game to soft-lock. Be cautious when using abilities that hit a target more than once, and/or attacks that break the 9999 capacity on the following enemies:Demon Machine (Armodullahan - Disc 2) Deathgaze (Deathguise - Disc 4) Antlion (Disc 2 Cleyra) Beatrix (Disc 1 & Disc 2) Gizamaluke Gnoma Entite (Ozma) Lord Atomos (Ozma) Lani Trance Kuja Nova Dragon Silver Dragon (Esper: High Seraph) Valia Pira Gnoll (Disc 2) Ochu (Disc 2) Final boss (Hades) and Necron.DLC #1 IS NOW AVAILABLE Main game undergone some change, fixed numerous untriggerable scenes ports from Alternate Fantasy, 3 more extra scenes related to the lore and backstory of FF9 and Hades is now the final boss, instead Necron. Necron is now fought as an optional boss at Memoria/Birth.This is included in the FDLC, download the main game and get the DLC subsequently.DLC #2 IS NOW AVAILABLE A epitaph has been found within Daguerreo; with inscriptions foretelling of the Motherly Summoner not of Mist, but of Madain Sari. Explore the library and discover the mysteries of village arisen from the Dire Event.DLC #3 IS NOW AVAILABLE Deep in the forest, lies a greater power. A meteor strikes down, and a girl is discovered near the wreckage. An apparition seems to have removed the petrification of the forest, in allowance for him to find her...DLC #4 IS NOW AVAILABLE Within the ruins of Madain Sari, lies a greater force than the Eidolons alone. The presence of otherworldly gods, their spirits taken refugee there. And the young villager closer to becoming of age, has been chosen.DLC #5 IS NOW AVAILABLEA Dimensional Vortex has suddenly arisen on the surface of Gaia, spotted in Quan's Dwelling, the Esper Cave. The appearance of this possible time gate is unheralded, yet seems to be connected to some years after Lavos' initial awakening. Inside he stands anterior the Iifa Tree, following the Woman in flight.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————Changes for the player's abilities:Firstly,Trance and Trance Commands are back. >More support abilities granted.>Enemies now drop Gil again.>Reverse Motes effects no longer exist, they just add zombie status. Enemy attacks do not heal allies while under reverse.>There are now regular Ethers. Having this missing in the previously was due to limits.>Ultimate Weapons such as the Zodiac Spear remain present, but with higher percentage spawn rates. New values are as followed:Zodiac Spear: 10%~15%Glaive: 10%Ribbon: 15%In addition to the still present player HP 9999 break, the damage limit break is present here.Nyx:Commands:Steal/SkillTrance:Steal/KingsglaiveAbilities:Skill:Retained some previous skills.10,000 Needles skill added.(Trance):Gil TossGreater Barrier (Shell, Protect, Regen, Haste - all allies)Shockwave - (Magic attack)Soul CrusherVivi:Commands:Black Magic/FocusTrance:Black Magic/FocusAbilities:Black Magic:Aeroga (Heavy Wind damage)Scourge (Heavy Non-elemental damage with 70% accuracy to Sap/PoisonToxify (Sap & Poison status 100%)Scathe (Ultimate black magic) are among the abilities added.Rydia:Summoning makes a return, and focusing on the intensive black and arcane magic.Commands:Summon/Black MagicTrance:High Summoner/Black MagicAbilities:Arcane Magic:DarkDarkraDeathDarkgaArdorSteiner:Abilities remain the same, few additions/changes.Freya:Returns Dragon Knight with Spear & Lance. Jump Command returns, doing double damage.Command:Jump/DragoonTrance:Aerial Pierce/DragoonAbilities:Aerial Pierce:Jump Attack, deals double damage.Dragoon:LancerReis' AeroPulsar WaveDragon's Crest have been added.Aerial Pierce:Trance-Spear returns, dealing more damage by hitting targets twice.Quina:One of the characters having the most come back. In the original, there weren't hardly any skills to make the player want to use Quina. Blue Magic returns, except the Eat command which is the ability, skills are learned through equipment as the other party allies.Quina also shares the Jump skill as Freya, formally named "Jolt".Command:Blue Magic/JumpTrance:Blue Magic/Aerial PierceAbilities:Blue Magic:Contains a variety of elemental and enemy magic for a more all around versatile character in battle.Eiko:Another character with a good comeback. In the original, Eiko only could use a few basic skills such as Scan and a couple buffs (Shellga, Protectga). Summoning returns for Eiko. She gains most of all the white magic this time around, whilst Dagger obtains all the Black Magic, above Vivi's tier.Command:Summon/White MagicTrance:High Summoner/Double WhiteAbilities:Summon:Variety of Eidolon and Esper summons have been added:Among them are:Hashmal Adrammelech Vortex Fenrir Alessa High Summoner:Same as the Eidolon trance command, summons recurring Eidolons only when Rydia is present in the same party and is at her trance respectively.Amarant:Another improved character. In original, way at the start, Amarant had no abilities at all because of limits, and was by far the most unwanted character.His native skills are the time magic, and he keeps his throw command.Command:Throw/Time MagicTrance:Throw/Double TimeTime Magic:Obtains all the time magic abilities.Double Time:Use Time Magic twice.Cinna:Remains the same as before, with all white magic able to be learned, and perma-trance command.Command:White Magic/Double WhiteDouble White:Player can choose freely to either use Dbl Wht twice, or stay traditional with single turns.Beatrix:A final comeback with no chance of leaving. Returning to her roots of paladin knight skills, she's returns as a renowned strong character.Command:Knight Tier IIHolySouleater (Massive, double strike damage) are added. -------------------------------Rare Treasures--------------------------------- >Zodiac Spear has a 15% chance to spawn in Fossil Roo and is a rare chest in Alexandria Disc 3/4. Once found, the chest will always contain the Zodiac Spear. >Glaive is a rare chest and can be found in Alexandria Disc 3/4 with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain Glaive. >Ribbon, is a rare chest and can be found in Daguerreo with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Ribbon. >Leopard, is a rare chest found in the residences of Burmecia with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Leopard Racket. >You can obtain more than one of these rare chests. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- What this is as a whole: FF9 Type-0 is the Japanese-to-English translated version of the original mod: FF9: The Zodiac Age. I had two versions of my mod, FF9: The Zodiac Age. One version in Japanese and the other in English. I had another modding team make FF9: The Zodiac Age for English (US), and gave them quite the freedom in the making of it whilst I retained the Japanese version at my own hand. However, when FF9: The Zodiac Age (US) was released, the mod was atrocious in terms of dialog and lore. There was an ocean full of swear words from the characters said from left to right, incomprehensible references, and disconnection from lore that made it one. The gameplay was horribly unbalanced and failed to a keep balanced gameplay with the job system abilities inspired by FFXII IZJS (hence it's title name "Zodiac Age"), and many other things I'd rather not relive memories of. Another version of FF9: the Zodiac Age was released (as FF9-2 Definitive Edition) which lightly attempted to fix a FEW dialogs and rebalance the gameplay, but still didn't live up to the expectation. Seeing this, I took action and discontinued both the mods of FF9: The Zodiac Age (US and FF9-2), and planned to re-release the entirety of it as Final Fantasy IX Type-0, the Japanese version of FF9: The Zodiac Age (JP) translated in English language. This version has a stable balanced gameplay, normal dialog and correctly connected lore, I wouldn't dish anything less. A lot of effort has been taken to fix the major problem errors and bugs from FF9: The Zodiac Age (US), but even then some minor bugs still pop up here and there. I have, however, done a wonderful job at catching these quickly the moment my beta testers report them. The final release (DLC05 in the main game) will have the last build clean of all bugs, and mark a true, solid release of the game. Regrading the Lore, here's what it is: FF9 Type 0 is the second game in Zodiac Trilogy series. The setting takes focus circa 1800 Gaia, following the event circa Quaternary 2017, and the fall of Gaia after the defeat of Necron with Nyx as the protagonist and Rydia as the deuteragonist. The series begun after the extra scenes in the (now discontinued, lost files) mod: FFIV: The Beginning, which cameo appearances the Dark God, Maenhanoj, who is the Zodiac Trilogy series' main antagonist as he is the one who started the entire demise. In other words, how these 3 mods's story all happened is with the Dark God. His summons of Lavos in earlier times started the story. Premature awakening of Lavos caused time to become distorted in numerous eras. (In this case, that would be the time era of FF9 (Gaia), FFXII (Ivalice), and the future (Quaternary 2017). Due his lack of known presence in game until the near end in FF9-Type 0, the player would never officially battle against the Dark God in Type-0, but in the last game, when they draw closer to an unheralded conclusion. So why Time, Lavos and Schala references? Because Chrono Trigger is one of my ultimate favorite games of all time and the story is so broad and marvelous, it has capabilities of being expanded on in many ways in creative ways in a interconnected fashion. Currently, CG trailers for the mods is in production, which will visually show the backstory and entry to each mod (including FF9 Type 0) to bring the story to a visual understanding. Then the final release (with imported models) polishes it all in the end. That is what this is. Any further clarification, feel free to ask me.