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  2. I wonder if we ever seen each other there? Granted I haven't lived in Arizona since 2008, but I used to go to the one in AJ every year. (thought the scenery looked familiar)
  3. Glad it took me forever to see that you said something here I will definitely take a look at that one, maybe try it one night, and forward it to jkoper to update on that list. EDIT: After seeing Abyssonym created this, I realized it is actually already on that list. It's just down at the bottom (I guess they aren't sorting as they update)
  4. Rooms and overworld are not yet procedural, but Fcoughlin and I have been continuously working towards creating both instances. He currently is doing a lot of additional work towards his MM3 and SMB3 randomizers as well. I know that he is working towards his next big update, which he ideally also wants to include changing which weapons enemies are susceptible to (hello boomerang to kill Ganon).
  5. Zelda 1 reference information: - This is more a basic Zelda information page that shows insight into the game, including enemy drops, how to screen scroll and block clip, etc. - The randomizer itself (also has good information on guarantees, etc) - A lot of other good information to help assist in learning the details that help with randomizer (also has the same for other games and randomizers as well) - A link to a tracker program for Zelda 1
  6. Yuengling? I live close to the Yuengling plant, you should visit it sometime
  7. There's actually a google doc that the randomizer community has made that is continuously updated. The list can be found here.
  8. Yeah, the popularity of the original game really helped this take off. I've dabbled a little, may do more then.
  9. So one of the reasons I haven't been around ID for a while is because of my new involvement with Randomizers. These are interesting variants to like the difficulty hacks that have been created around here. Below is the link to one such case, and is completely insane. (hmmm...can't embed videos?)
  10. Holy shit, now I can be registered, sometimes lurk, and never post here too