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  1. I had a question,Everytime i casted Rainbow Dust and it heal monsters How do i solve this problem?
  2. @praetarius5018 i have posted your moded game in Taiwan forum, and link is here: thx for your support.
  3. okay,I will do that and send link to you after i post it.
  4. @praetarius5018 Hello again, Can i post your moded game to Taiwan forum?
  5. at least most of them will have same weaknesses. example:i can use air saber for valley of gem,even if slime's weak are fire.
  6. can I dsiable/turn off random mob spawn setting? because it make saber spell a little bit useless exspecial when three mob with three different weakness lol
  7. thx for tips <3 but why earth? dark saber is useless for LIGHTGAZER? btw HP regeneration accessoires never work at LIGHTGAZER fight
  8. that is thing i m trying to do lol i have spend two hour for that and failed do you haveany tips?
  9. there is anyways to clear out LIGHTGAZER's heal reduce debuff?
  10. thank you two guys helped =D I have done that and started yesterday. and I have two question: 1.what is mean about "curse:Additionally weapon damage is always shared with 100%."? thank you for reply =D
  11. Oh... So i need hack guide for now or can i get the file which you have hacked it?
  12. how do i solve "ROM does not seem to valid" when use java to open or export ROM?
  13. I apologize for this, but i m fucking noob for this. can you give me more clear guide plz ?
  14. Hello, can you teach me how do i turn this on ? lol i was tried snes9x but nothing can run up. and also i tried to installed the java,but still don't know how to use it