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  1. Magus & Schala Battle

    Really? Thanks for letting me know. ill battle them again and record it now that i have my capture card setup
  2. Dont know if this is the right place to ask but here goes. How come in some copies/versions of V9 Normal Mode show blinking damage numbers and others dont. Ive seen most of Nitros videos and his copy shows them but mine doesnt?
  3. Trainer Red Battle

    Thanks Doom. Going to grind for Light armors then take on terra after. Ill record my battle with her and upload it. Its going to be hard, but well see what happens. You think its possible to beat Rosalina with Mario/Peach/Geno?
  4. By far one of my favorite battles in this game coming from a big Pokemon Crystal fan. Just thought id share my first time beating him. Going to farm for Galaxy Coins now lol.
  5. Magus & Schala Battle

    ah ok!! I dont think ive seen them get up once theyre down. I like this battle a lot, sucks you can only do it once. I like this battle and the battle against Trainer Red the most.
  6. Sup guys, just wanted to show my battle against Magus and Schala. I decided to fight them without any Found Illusions and i noticed something i didnt notice before. I used chaos nades against them and when Schala dies while poisoned, she gains 30K HP while dead(bug maybe?) in the poison phase. Tripped me out. Heres the video(my apologies for the quality, i used my phone because i didnt have my capture card set up, also i missed my timing here and there, i was medicated)