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  1. Other FF mods like BNW

    New Threat is a phenomenal mod. I highly suggest picking up FF7 on the cheap just for that mod alone. Plus the creator of it is working on a New Threat for FF8 as well. Return of the Dark Sorcerer is another really good one, for FF6. The FF1 "Mod of Balance" by Ludmeister is great, and the Hard Mode mod of Mod of Balance 2.2, done by the_icepenguin is a really fun take on things. Although given how bare bones FF1 is there isn't as much you can do to polish things.
  2. I can't think of anything that would bother me more than having to deal with drawing magic only to then have it stolen from me and thus have to draw that same magic again. Draw was a stupid system from the start and there have been numerous suggestions in this very topic to reduce or nearly entirely remove this mechanic. Beyond that bosses with exploitable AI like that tend to not fare well, slow down fights with constant counter attacks, or are highly gimmicky.
  3. Excellent. Valeria is a fantastic FFT mod and it's great to see more love for WotL in general. I'm by no means great at 1.3 but I do love picking it up from time to time scratch that Tactics itch and WotL is in many ways the superior version for me. If memory serves though, weren't a fair number of ability tool tips from that mod just incorrect? If I am remembering right, will those be addressed too?
  4. I've been on an FFT kick for a few weeks now and I'm interested in this mod but I'd love to know how much the story battles have been modified. Vanilla is over saturated with Knights, Archers and basic mages, ya know? Also have you considered just removing JP Boost?
  5. Yeah, it's true that potions aren't bad to have but I had 99 before the fire Crystal. My Thief had an agility lead (obviously) over my party and would go first every fight. Use brave, steal/mug twice and the fight would be over before she lost her next turn. It got silly once she got politics. The whole time to 99 potions I kept wondering where things like antidotes or even bombs were. Downloaded a rom viewer last night and the saturation of potions is silly. Glad to hear you plan to revamp it, I'd suggest early on, at least, making them quite a bit more uncommon because so many NPCs just throw potions at you and they are hidden around town and stuffed in chests to boot. Makes me curious about things like swords as steals and how balanced that is since I think throw also doesn't consume an item, yes?
  6. Are you planning on revamping the list of stolen items? Right now it feels like the vast, overwhelming majority of steals are just Potions. Stealing seems like it could have a lot of potential beyond Vanilla what with Politics being a thing. I'd also love a compliment ability for a class other than Thief that allows you to get both the common and rare in a single fight or steal attempt. I always have a nagging feeling that I am missing out on some useful rare items, especially in a rom hack and with your choice to use the snes version we don't get the in-game bestiary. If Tinker is going to have focus on item use I feel like Thief and the steal list would be a great place to add a little tlc.
  7. Well, this is a fun one. Take my save and get into any battle. Then queue up Twincut, followed by any action on Galuf. Hilarity and a crash will follow. Seems to be the direct result of Faris and Galuf getting their turns at the same time. Once Twincut is selected it moves to Galuf without resolving twincut... then Bartz breaks the world.
  8. Well, for now I'm just not going to worry about it. That town is basically unimportant in the grand scheme of things and the bug is mostly harmless from what I've seen so far.
  9. The rom I got was unheadered and is an .smc. Only patch I applied was the one provided. Using the latest Bizhawk release running BSNES core. The bug is not present in the flashback scene for me, tried on Snes9x 1.53 and Bizhawk.
  10. So in Lix there is an odd bug in the house with the bard that teaches charm song. There is a floating exclamation that crashes the game when examined. The pink music box is also just not there but the trigger to use it remains. The bard that teaches charm song is also not there until you use the phantom music box... which also makes the music box show up.
  11. Well, just downloaded this and shared it with a few friends that may like it. I'll try to post here from time to time as I run through but for now I wanted to mention that the menu option to turn off experience gains seems to be not working. Turned it on as soon as possible and gained a level the moment I finished my first fight in the pirates cave. Is it supposed to remove exp or jp?
  12. BNW 1.9 Bestiary Tool

    I'd love to see a web app that lets you track a few things. Encountered formations, chests, steals, rages and lores and such. Every time I've played this game I have had about 4 different notepads tracking some basic stuff from the unlock me.
  13. Yes, how dare they have such little disregard for the source material that they would spend years of their lives tinkering on it. You, though, made it all the way to Vargas --- wait... you only made it to Vargas? Piss off, wanker... should be a cardinal sin to bitch about fan hacks without either finishing it or offering some real constructive criticism. Keep on keeping on BTB and BNW.
  14. The secrecy around this item, given what it does, is baffling to me. I'll happily PM anyone who wants to know.
  15. Final Fantasy VI: Meltdown

    Damn, this looks fantastic. It's always amazing seeing what can be done to FF6 now days while I'm still like mentally thinking of Pandora's Box as The FF6 romhack (*grumble*), yet BNW and this clearly go above and beyond. Can't wait to play! Not sure I like the idea of there being so many steals. My biggest complaint with FF9 is the amount of time spent in boss fights that can't dream of killing you while you just sit there failing to steal. Either the items are crappy and not worth the time finding out what they are, or they will generally be too good and then it just becomes routine to have to bring a thief. Hell, if I'm being honest I hate Locke as a character anyway (battle wise he is great) and would love to see steal spread out to more characters, maybe even a spell form of it. Given you plan to blank out the common when obtaining the rare, how feasible would it be to make a visual to show the difference between a common and rare in the event that we get the rare first? I'd love not having to waste a turn using an attack that will just outright miss. Excellent. On that note, how many people like hunting down all the shit that Strago can do? If there was a way to guide the player into finding the skills that would be great. My first thought was maybe scripting in a reaction from Strago mid battle if an enemy could teach him something but I have no idea if it's possible to add scenes like that to random fights.