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  1. So with Firefox 57 just dropping the extension I use to recolor sites is broken and I feel a bit more of a sense of urgency to see this actually get implemented. Not that I'm worried or anything, I can always find a new way to recolor websites, I'm sure but native support is always better.
  2. Would it be possible to prevent people from using a spell they junction or allowing people to junction multiple spells to a single stat? Think of allowing people to make an Ice mage by junctioning Fire and Lightning to Magic or straight up forgoing elemental magic entirely to focus more on Melee builds by junction them all to Strength. This could be expanded by letting you make real Red Mages and make people more likely to junction lesser junctioned spells to open up more customized spells lists for each character. That said, I also really like the idea of there only being so many of each spell available among all of the characters, like 9 Fire, 6 Fira, and 3 Firaga, 2 Flare and 1 Ultima with each going up to 100 and tied to your level. This game is a balance nightmare in vanilla, good luck!
  3. Other than LttP, what runs was Patty on the couch for? That LttP run was about the only run I caught that felt genuinely like everyone was having fun on.
  4. I know how you all love your black themes, but damn they hurt my eyes. At the very least this site is tremendously easier to edit to my liking with a plugin than ID is, but built in support for themes would be tits. Also, best wishes on the sister site; looks like you are doing good things already.