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      On November 23rd 2022, Nowea, a prominent member of this community, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a good man, a close friend to many of us, loved helping others with games and sharing his passion for gaming with anyone that would listen. To help his family with the unexpected costs of his passing, a charity stream is being planned. The link can already be accessed if anyone wish to help out: https://streamlabs.com/llandrastall/tip He will be missed dearly.


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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    God Hand / Arch Mage / Fenrir Knight What would you guys say about this team? Am I missing crucial things?
  2. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Is there any kind of documentation on which weapons / armors / accessories does what exactly? Kinda hard to figure out what they do. Edit: Actually found I file I didn't have in the zip that contains all the info I needed.