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  1. The issue with bodyguards not taking target's statuses into account has been fixed. I've updated the link to the code in the patch thread.
  2. Thanks @Deschainand @Satarack. I went full ham in removing code I thought wasn't needed, which caused the issue with characters covering enemies. The issue with bodyguards in critical health covering healthy allies was due to me forgetting to upload the correct version, so an older version made it into RC4. I'm working on a fix, will post the new code and notify Synchysi as soon as it's verified. EDIT: Everything seems to work correctly now. I posted the updated code in the patch topic.
  3. Looks like Quicksteal is still missing.
  4. Your life mod has some wonkiness to it, @darknil. I'm sure you can fix it, but I submit to you this solution that doesn't use free space. @Synchysi
  5. The Life hack patch appeared broken, and I can't really understand dn's code, so I made my own. Although I'm sure dn can fix it, this has the advantage of not consuming free space. Seibaby's Life Hack:
  6. Quicksteal just sounds like it's missing. EDIT: Confirmed, it's not in there. I've replicated the issue where Banon gives you 99 Healing Shivs and 97 Cat Hoods before the Battle of Narshe. I took out the MP-Restore patch, and it still happens, so I don't know what causes it. @Synchysi EDIT: It's the Narshe two-party patch. Here's a fix:
  7. Stop still halts other timers. :P
  8. The background you're talking about, SuperHario, is unfortunately not a battle background. I like the idea of the trench becoming wetlands too, but in order to do it right, it needs a new battle background at least and ideally new overworld map tiles, too. At that point it'd make more sense to add beaches, although with expansion, both are possible. Nice ideas but probably best to store in the 2.0 locker along with other expansion stuff. I agree it makes no sense for Ultros to fight you underwater if he's hanging out in the Colosseum. They don't even have a pool. Hm...what about having an enemy that uses Dance? If the background changes to underwater, and you then win the battle, perhaps Mog could learn Water Rondo that way. Edit: The solution is obvious. Rematch with Ultros, Ultros uses Dance. If you win, you get to respec (at a cost).
  9. I'm participating quite a bit in BNW development and I'm always using Dropbox to host test patches for BNW. It'd be better if those could be hosted on the site itself to prevent link rot. My suggestion is to either enable .zip files in attachments for those who need it; it could be restricted by forum and/or role. My other suggestion is to have a section for "extras" like unofficial patches, alternate sprites, beta patches, etc. for each mod. It could either work as A) a file dump with upload permissions given by the mod owner, where you can just host a file and link to in a forum post, or B) as some kind of aggregator for forum attachments, possibly using a tag system. Eg. any attachment in a BNW forum post using the tag "addon" would end up listed in this section as well, assuming the poster has permissions. The mod owner could tag posts/attachments for inclusion in this section, or give permissions to members. I imagine it as a simple list of files, with links to the post in which they were attached, and possibly sorted using tags. The mod owner could edit this list at will to include or remove attachments.
  10. Talk to Ultros to spar with him for a bit, in an underwater arena? Sort of like Spekkio fights in CT.
  11. I would prefer the Phantom Forest stays unique. There are swamp backgrounds from other FF games that could be appropriated. Another option is to teach the dance via event somewhere/from someone.
  12. EDIT: there was a problem with the patch, causing items to be wrongly added to the inventory. I've updated the patch and it seems to work correctly now, although it might still require more testing. Testers, please be on the lookout for any unexpected happenings after you name a character or access the lineup menu. Here's a patch that does that and changes the battle to two parties instead of three, as per @BTB's wishes. The event command that restores HP to full now also restores MP to full. I've looked through the event bank and I haven't found any places where it would matter - full HP restore commands are typically accompanied by full MP restore commands, and in the cases where they aren't (character recruitment, mostly), the characters don't even have a Magic command or visible/accessible MP yet. I'd recommend a playthrough from the beginning up to the Narshe battle, to consider this thoroughly tested. Can't access my Dropbox at the moment so I hope Discord works. Mirror 1 ( (v2) Mirror 2 ( (v2) Code for the Lineup Menu MP restore fix: Event code for changing the 3-party battle at Narshe to a 2-party battle:
  13. This is less of an issue than described. The lineup menu restores everyone fully except for MP, so you'll always start the battle with full HP at least. It would look better if everyone were restored via event before you regain control of Terra. Having the lineup menu restore MP is also an option.
  14. Adding a background would require finding space for the background tile graphics, and for a new background tilemap, as well as relocating and extending the pointer tables for those two sets of data. Not saying it's impossible, just a fair bit of work. How much free space does BNW still have, anyway? Are you considering adding a set of "swamp" tiles to the WoR world map tileset, too?
  15. How about some kind of event where the modders on this site play/stream succession games of each other's mods? Non-modders invited too, of course.
  16. For everyone's convenience, here's a single patch containing all the bug fixes and other changes slated for inclusion in the upcoming 1.8.6 release. Apply over a fresh Brave New World 1.8.5. ROM (not included). Archive contains both headered and non-headered patches. Brave New World 1.8.6 pre-beta (updated to version 2) Contributors: dn, Seibaby, Think0028, Nowea The following bug fixes are included: Fix for the Quartrstaff/Doomstick crash issue. Fix for the Y-Equip Relics patch incompatibility issue. Fix for the Dice/Fixed Dice glitch/crash issue. Correct stats for the Kagenui. Fix for the issue with X-Fight and Dual Wield damage penalties not stacking (no standalone release yet). The following balance tweaks are included for beta testing: Speed Tweak (character-only version) Initial ATB tweak Master Thief Quicksteal
  17. *prays for zero gamebreaking bugs*
  18. No. This is not the official 1.8.6 release.
  19. Updated to add the Quicksteal patch.
  20. Like the other Steal patch, this is the result of a drunken Nowea, half mad from sleep deprivation, pitching an idea half almost entirely in jest, which upon closer examination actually turned out to be rather good. After Nowea sobered up, he pitched it to BTB, whose fancy was also tickled, enough so that he wanted it included in 1.8.6. I'll accept a modest credit for actually coding it, but otherwise, blame Nowea, that lovable idiot savant of accidental game design. So what does it do? Nothing fancy - it simply makes it so a successful Steal attempt doesn't cost you a turn. It works with Mug (and Switchblade) too, so it actually improves Mug to the point of almost being useful. This is scheduled for inclusion in the upcoming 1.8.6, but if you'd like to test it out right now, I'd appreciate the bit of extra QA. Get it here: header | non-header Finally, from the shit nobody cares about department, here are (spooky voice) Tales From Dev Chat. Although the idea arose from a joke about Steal buffing Locke with Quick, it has nothing to with Quick; that poor, disease-ridden mechanic was taken out back and shot long ago. It doesn't stop time or anything; just prevents the ATB gauge from resetting after a Steal turn, keeping it in the golden "ready" state. If you're super interested in the mechanics: the Steal function now sets a flag upon a successful Steal attempt, which is later checked by the function which increments the ATB gauge. If the flag is set, it skips ahead to the part where it sets the character into the "ready for action" state. If you know how to code, you can make any attack set this flag... Fun fact: the original name I came up with for this patch was inspired by the colloquialism used by Magic: the Gathering players to describe cards like these. It was promptly shot down by BTB (deservedly so, I'll admit). Nowea suggested Stealing Is A Free Action as a replacement, which I kind of like. In the end I think Quicksteal has a nice, simple elegance to it. Call it what you will, at least Steal sucks a little less now. We know you are sensitive about your art, Locke. Code:
  21. Just something I've had lying around for a long while, and finally decided to clean up and release. Something for you lazy Gau lovers out there. This patch has pretty much equal functionality as Think's Learnable Rage patch, with the exception that you still actually have to Leap Gau to learn Rages. The kicker is that you can do so anywhere, and Gau will be right back in your party after you win the battle. You will still only be able to Leap enemy formations that actually appear on the Veldt, but you no longer have to hike all the way out there to do so. Consider it a middle ground between Think's patch and vanilla BNW behavior, although it's still cheating, since you're getting Rages early. You cheater, you! Get it here! Headered and nonheadered patches are included. See the documentation (leap-anywhere.txt) for version A/B differences. Should work with both 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 pre-beta. Let me know if it breaks the universe or something. Non-obligatory but still well deserved plugs: Rage Reference Sheet by @Nowea Learnable Rage by @Think0028
  22. What Think said. Also, because you asked in chat, @BTB, if you try to Leap a lone Gau, one of two things will happen, depending on which version of the patch you use. You'll either get a message saying you can't, or you'll get a nice, well-deserved Game Over. >:)
  23. Here's me and @Kaffe Myersat summer camp-...err, a Swedish juggling and firespinning event called Camp Burn Yourself. I'm the one to the right.
  24. Meanwhile, here's Think's code for the X-Fight fix.