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  1. I'm the opposite, my stomach can't handle beer, I usually try to stick to straight whiskey myself, lol
  2. Aw man, that or Jim Beam is usually my go to. Not too fancy, but definitely a step up from Ten High
  3. You gonna share that bottle?
  4. It's possible, I've been going there since about 2006/7. Usually 4 or 5 times a year when they have it.
  5. It's actually between Florence and Phoenix, in Arizona. I live in Tucson
  6. Haha actually, Elric comes from the book series Elric of Melnibone, who is the albino warrior.
  7. Ninjasdf I do renn fair every year and have spent far too much on many different types of armor. We will get along well lol
  8. Thanks man! Glad to be here
  9. It's only awkward since they are sitting in 2 different IRC channels together but talking shit back and forth on a forum
  10. Fair enough
  11. Thanks! I appreciate that! I'd also like to say, that if anyone ever has any event questions, I'm your guy, I've made more events than anyone at Square ever even attempted. I mean, it's Raven, how can you not expect that
  12. Thanks man, I'd rep you, but apparently i got trigger happy before realizing there was a daily limit. Thank you for the help getting my avatar to fit btw, was driving me nuts!
  13. I thought that mighta been the case, haha
  14. Are we thinking of the same Angel? or is there an inside joke im missing? (the one who posted here is the 3rd admin of FFH :))
  15. I'm pretty sure you had that weird/crazy beheaded avatar, yes? That thing haunts my nightmares Glad to be here