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  1. NG+ Member Pictures

    ...so much cringe
  2. Hello from "the FF6 guy"

    Hello FF6 guy, I'm FFT girl.
  3. Tip on registration

    That just made me think about a trick that I reaaaaally doubt any spambot would support: <style> .anti-spambot:before { content:"Type NG+"; } </style> <span class="anti-spambot"></span> Of course, this might not be an ideal solution given the forum engine, but it's pretty to look at, at least.
  4. NG+ Member Pictures

  5. My impressions on this mod

    I can't say I've noticed that in most boss fights, but tbh I always thought FF7 didn't have AI and instead just had random skill selection until I found out about it a few years ago on qhimm. It's definitely not been enough for me to have to change my strategy mid-fight except for one boss or two. One really awesome boss fight was the Red Dragon in the Temple of the Ancients, but it looks like you more or less doubled the length of that fight because of that major change mid-fight, so I still express the same battle length concern as with the other bosses. IIRC There was a stilva-like boss that went berserk mid-fight, and was insanely hard... I found it very interesting for it to behave that way; the AI change was very obvious in that case, and I barely managed to beat the goddamn thing. I also remember the Turks not liking to be poisoned, and I never figured out what prevented them from using Turks Heal anymore... running out of MP? So that was interesting, and annoying (more like of a "You bitch" rather than "AUUUUUUGGHHH!! ").
  6. My impressions on this mod

    Well, there are some major problems with balancing, I admit. Early game, all the bosses that are vulnerable to poison will have 75%+ of the total damage that you deal dealt in poison damage from Dirty Bombs. If you don't have one (and they're cheap as hell), you're in for a VERY long fight. I'm all for status/elemental weaknesses, but this makes poison infliction practically essential for these bosses. Just about every storyline boss also lacks immunity to slow; I'm not complaining, but slow just helps so much with boss fights that it brings me to my next point: The boss fights drag on for long enough that I have restarted most battles after analyzing the bosses because it was faster to let the boss kill me/kill myself, reload the save, adjust my materia/equipment, and beat the boss way faster than if I had stuck with my original setup. Of course, in the original version, bosses are so squishy that it's practically never beneficial to do this unless it's Emerald, Ruby or one of the final bosses. I'm definitely not asking to be able to finish off bosses in a single limit, because, let's admit, it is a bit ridiculous. I think 6-8 minutes per boss fight is very reasonable. To me that's just about an ideal, in fact. I am, however, worried about all the people who disagreed with me and thought lengthier fights were ideal. I'm not saying their opinion don't count, but as hard as I try to understand, I haven't heard any compelling reason for me to believe that longer boss fights made anything better. I don't think I'm that much smarter than the average player and figure out enemy patterns way faster than others. I really appreciate the initiative you've been putting into this though. Yeah, the lvl4 limit bosses were far too strong for me to bother with them. I wanted to keep playing in Disc 3, but every optional boss was too hard except for the Kitty Tank at the Battle Square and all the Junior Leagues (Laser abuse and stuff).
  7. My impressions on this mod

    I thought that was the point of making summons only useable once per battle? Also summon animations are lengthy; that's why I never used them in FFVIII, and that's why speedrunners don't use them. Crappy DPS. ...But I figured out the attack pattern 2 minutes in, 12 minutes before the end of the battle.
  8. My impressions on this mod

    When I confronted the mod creator about it, he linked me a video of a sped-up boss battle, which personally took me just as long... his solution? Speedhacking. I stand by my point I stated earlier: The outcome has always been extremely clear every storyline boss fight after I figured out the boss' attack pattern. There is only one boss I lost against through the game. Maybe 10-13 min per boss (at normal speed) isn't too slow for you, but I just don't see the point. I don't see how it adds to the experience. It doesn't make bosses harder. It doesn't even make them more tedious.
  9. Hello All

    You wish. Actually, I wish.
  10. Hello All

    I expect the same from you. >_>
  11. Hello All

    Raven going out of his fucking way to ruin everyone day. THANKS!
  12. Hello All

    Sweetie, you're the worst character.
  13. Hello All

    Don't listen to this guy, he's got sugar gliders! And cats, and dogs... He's a really cool guy, don't be an ass to him. He's my big brother and the best guy I know.
  14. Tip on registration

    I have no idea what this forum runs on, but I know SMF2 didn't allow multiple answers (which sucks). You're correct that this can be solved by some bots; I just assumed wrong, but it doesn't really surprise me either way. Basically, if you work hard enough on a bot, it can solve almost anything, but I just didn't think they were at this level yet. I was actually thinking of a question that could have "NG+" as the answer (since this would definitely block any spambot), but couldn't figure out a clear-cut question for it. IDEALLY the question should be "What is this website about", but I'm not really sure of this myself yet.
  15. This mod adds so many Quality of Life modifications, it's really refreshing. Love the fort condor teleport, the early game Enemy Away and the ability to Skip huge portions of dialogue! It overall edits a lot of things, adds quite a few unexpected bosses, changes items, materias, and equipment fairly drastically, and even grants you a way to easily grind materia levels late game! But then there are the bosses... they take a long time to kill for virtually no reason in my opinion; an opinion that doesn't seem to be shared by many, yet no one can deny that the outcome of storyline bosses' battles is already determined 1/4th of the way into the battle. It just becomes a process of "Rinse and Repeat until the boss is dead". Of course, there is the possibility that the fight will drag on long enough for you to run out of items, but you get easily used to the bosses' huge HP that you just instinctively gather quite a few items before each boss fight. Then there are the optional bosses. 100x harder than the storyline bosses. I don't enjoy difficulty and I thought the storyline bosses were well balanced and never really had anything close to a problem with any of them, but the optional bosses in this mod just reminds me so much of 1.3 where you just end up needing a way too specific setup to be able to win the fight. It just destroys any kind of build creativity since you have to abuse absolutely everything you can to beat those bosses. I really loved the game otherwise, but I am unable to finish it at this point because I don't find Disc 3 fun at all. As I said, I don't like difficulty; especially extreme level of difficulty, so this wasn't for me. Even saying that, Disc 1-2 were really awesome. As a side note: Death will bring happiness to everyone in the slums. --My wife playing FF7 and renaming Aeris to "Death".