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  1. So I don't remember this part of the game, but did you talk to everyone around it or just try the door and the bus? Might give you an answer. Could be in the town as well.
  2. Farming Final Elixirs

    How far into the game are you? They're buyable in postgame at Seaside Town.
  3. Oathkeeper Didn't Drop

    On the Frogfucious point, for some reason he never notices it was done. Don't worry about it. Xion only drops it after both Terra and Rosalina are beaten. So unfortunately you have to go back to Rosalina. And the Galaxy Ring info you saw is false.
  4. Sorry about the late response, I don't check here often. I only check here when it comes to needing data, not so much for helping others - the Discord is much more active for people needing help. I'll be able to help there much easier. I don't have Messenger, but the discord link is
  5. V.9 Speedrun

    Nope, haven't had speedruns made yet. I thought about that but first we'd need a route, which nobody's really come up with.
  6. I'm actually currently in the process of making a plaintext guide, GameFAQs style. Working with the Discord on it, and I have a lot of info on how stuff actually goes. (I can help if you need.) Rosa's been done without haste and apples, and I'm currently in the process of doing it taking only HP level-up bonuses, which I have confirmed able to do.
  7. One Time Equipment

    Wait, you can rematch superbosses for their equipment?
  8. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    There’s only three haste items I’ve seen so far in the game, and one of which is Choice Scarf, which I hate, and would have lost me the fight on several occasions. Soul Dew is on Mallow so I start with boosted attack, as otherwise I am forced to spend Celebi/Hyper M Guards to do it. And the bonus attack has helped end things a turn early before. Plus the defensive stats are important enough for me to need it in a series of battles. I’ll replace it with Speed Bracer during Rosalina or when a problem arises. And I have yet to get to a battle I can’t beat without it.
  9. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    This isn’t my Rosalina setup. I have yet to get there. This is for Trial Mode right now. Speed Bracer is over on Bowser, and I’m not willing to use Choice Scarf.
  10. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    Speed bracer on Bowser. No other equipment of note.
  11. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    Lucifer? Shadow Ball? I’m sorry I don’t follow EDIT: Beat it anyways. Celebi ended up not showing for Nimbus either. Thunderstorm and double Morning Star wasn’t enough, and only Mario was left standing after Booster’s turn. Used Galaxy Star then, and Ultima Hammer took out a Snifit. Mallow was the only one who died the next turn, and Morning Star dealt with the rest of the Snifits, then I nat-blocked everything Booster sent, and he died next turn. EDIT2: So I tried to take a screenshot of me beating Axem Red/Blade with only 87 HP left on Peach and all else dead, and instead I reset my game.
  12. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    I’m saying that it’s available during the Dodo/Valentina/Birdo battle (battle right before), and after not using it, it’s gone during Booster. Same does not apply to Galaxy Star. Don’t know why. Literally the same problem I had with Shadow Queen.
  13. Rydia claims to give 30 Galaxy Coins, but you only get 10.
  14. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    At least you can make it to Rosalina I can’t make it past Booster b/c I’m avoiding spending items and Celebi disappears during the fight
  15. Omg, these anime AF battles

    No, but is Bowser necessary for them? I’m going Mario/Peach/Mallow right now, and Trial Mode doesn’t force you to use all characters.