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  1. Just wanted to thank Praetarius for his fantastic work on this hack. I have been obsessed with SD3 for as long as I could remember, and after trying to make it more difficult by doing 1 character challenges, picking idiotic class combos, and just wishing some of the mechanics could be fixed and then you go and release this beauty. It's kind of sad how much this fix/balance/difficulty boost means to me after wishing for it for so long. Well, before this gets weird I just wanted to say thanks. Edit: I'll try to make this an actual discussion... What has been people's favorite overall character/class? I personally seem to always go back to Duran, probably just because I like most his classes and I feel awesome in the beginning with him. Before this hack I would always use him to do the running double hit and now I just run around swinging my sword around like a madman, it's liberating.