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  1. Man, I just realized how hard it is to give a list of great JRPG mods without just listing off everything in the forums section of this site. >.>
  2. So far this is mostly just going to be a possible bug report for the Sasquatch fight. On the first fight I had with him, he never used Primal Rage at all. I restarted because I wanted to use fewer items, and on the second fight, he used Primal Rage every single turn (after the first couple of turns). The only thing I remember doing differently was using some physical attacks on him to mug him. Does that increment a variable that isn't set back to zero or something? I haven't fully played through this game in while. It's amusing that it ends up being more nostalgic than a vanilla playthrough for me. If there are any specific aspects of the hack that you want feedback on, feel free to ask.
  3. RotDS v2.0 Released!

    Yay, time to download this and try it out. I'm excited to see all the things you guys have done since I last played.
  4. The Game Design Litmus Test

    I really like the section on Legend of Zelda here. It gives voice to a lot of the same things I've felt about the series that I haven't heard discussed as much. Weirdly, I'd give Skyward Sword some points here in comparison to most of the other games (haven't played the Oracle games). I remember not getting that feeling of "Why do I even need more Rupees" until about 75% of the way through the game, which might not be great, but is definitely better than most of the previous entries in this regard. BoTW went backwards here IMO, as it was a little too easy to sell a bunch of stuff and break the economy. I noticed that you mentioned Beyond Chaos as an example of something that makes FF6 "even more of a mess". I think it's an interesting case for this litmus test. When looking at a single seed, it's going to have just as many superfluous mechanics as in vanilla, if not more. Well, except for the fact that the Esper Allocator can prevent the game from being an Ultima spam-fest, which makes it a little better on average IMO. But taking a large number of seeds together, there's almost no mechanic that is useless. I'd bet that if you asked Cecil about any mechanic in the game, he could name a time where he actually made use of it. So in one sense, BC scores very low, but in another sense, it scores much better than vanilla, though not as well as BNW IMO. Octopath Traveler is a JRPG that I think actually scores very well on this litmus test. I found nearly every mechanic to be useful on some level. It's probably weakest in terms of equipment; for example, you can get Silent Bandanas fairly early and they invalidate every other piece of evasive headgear. But out of all the skills (active and passive) in the game, I'd say that there's only a small handful that I'd write off as useless or outclassed. Most of the debuffs and status effects that the game actually encourages you to apply to enemies are of the variety that only weaken bosses and work on all of them. Furthermore, Octopath is arguably the only JRPG I've seen that actually manages to strike a good balance between offense and defense. In almost all JRPGs, including even the versions of BNW that I've played, "turtle more" is pretty much always the way to solve a problem. This makes offensive strategies generally not worth using, even though I use them anyways just because they are fun. I'm not sure whether a like or an upvote is considered better. Maybe one of these is superflous?
  5. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 21 - Crossing Those Mountains I actually felt pretty well prepared for this dungeon. Last time those Green Dragons took forever to kill. That said, I think their HP has also dropped, which is probably a good thing. The boss fight, as usual, was something that I started to figure out properly right as the fight ended and I never got to put anything into practice, so the actual result from my side is actually pretty mediocre.
  6. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 20 - Death by Math This episode centres entirely around one boss fight: Lambda Calcule. I could probably have done better than I did at forming a good strategy, but all's well that ends well. I didn't abuse the second Vaccine in my inventory because I may be able to pull off some Vaccine abuse against a later boss that would be even more helpful. In hindsight, I also probably could have slowed the physical Calcule with a Molotov before dropping the Vaccine on him, leaving him with permanent Slow. That would have helped a lot. I'm also not sure what effect draining their MP has. I really should have tried that. If draining the Magic guy's MP allowed me to avoid seeing Ruin3, it would have been all I needed to win on that second run. It wouldn't even have taken long to pull off with Iris' staff.
  7. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 19 - Spooky Scary Ghosts Let's head off to the Nibelheim mansion, which I somehow forgot comes before Mt. Nibel. I'll put the footage of Lambda Calcule in the next video because I think it will fit better there. I seem to remember this dungeon being harder. I think it had nastier status effects like Confuse before? If enemies here still have Confuse, I haven't seen it. I somehow make a complete trainwreck of a battle against Mirrors, so look forward to that.
  8. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FF7 NT - 18 - This is why I Wanted a Bird Wing This episode is all dungeon. The dungeon enemies are pretty easy because they don't really hit that hard and can't do much else to scare me either. The boss needs to be taken down quickly since he can be healed for massive amounts by the gravity attacks that he absorbs, but this is fairly easily done, especially if you wait until the "flames" possess you before launching everything you have at him.
  9. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 17 - Fire! Fire! Heh Heh Heh... I don't do any more battling after entering Cosmo Canyon, so skip the rest if that's not what you're into.
  10. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 16 - Hiss, Hiss... In this video, we have another completely custom boss, and it's a fun one. He's still fairly slow thanks to the Slow/Haste combo, but the fact that he puts countdown on you still makes the fight tricky. With no steps taken to deal with it, the countdown can easily kill several people at the same time, which is basically a death sentence in this game. I didn't remember the countdown, so I didn't have my Safety Bit equipped either. I assumed he was weak to fire thanks to the "undead" gimmick, but he wasn't, which made for a fairly poor use of a Fire Veil. I should have chucked my Bolt Plumes instead. I also curbstomp Reno and Rude again, but they didn't really do much, as per the usual.
  11. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 15 - Silent but Deadly 95% of the time, I do a test recording before I record the actual video to make sure that the audio is working. Somehow, every time I don't, the audio decides not to work. This was one of those times. Dyne was interesting. Because I poisoned him, he used Psyche Up to remove it. However, I believe that Psyche Up applied the Resist status to him, preventing him from using Haste later on. Because of this anti-combo, he ended up costing himself a ton of turns.
  12. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 14 - Fool's Gold This episode is entirely about my trip to the Gold Saucer. However, I also visit the save point and choose how to build my characters in this episode. If you want to see that part in particular, skip to 8:30.
  13. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 13 - Getting Over It This is a pretty chill episode here. We climb over a mountain, Morph some new items, and reach a poor town that can only barely afford the millions of Gil necessary to buy all of your mastered All Materia.
  14. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 12 - Free Stuff Everywhere Like the previous boss, Jenova - Vector is fairly straightforward when you have Haste and she has Slow. You end up with so many turns in a row that you can't really lose.
  15. A Final Fantasy VII New Threat LP

    Let's Play FFVII NT - 11 - Jormungander Loses by Doing Absolutely Nothing This time around, I cheat my way to victory in the Fort Condor minigame. It's so slow and time-consuming that I really didn't want to do it again. For some reason, Bottomswell's replacement didn't do a whole lot. I'm still not really sure what's up with that. No, I will not bother fixing the spelling in the title, even though it would take less time than typing this sentence.