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  1. Let's Play FFVII NT - 20 - Death by Math This episode centres entirely around one boss fight: Lambda Calcule. I could probably have done better than I did at forming a good strategy, but all's well that ends well. I didn't abuse the second Vaccine in my inventory because I may be able to pull off some Vaccine abuse against a later boss that would be even more helpful. In hindsight, I also probably could have slowed the physical Calcule with a Molotov before dropping the Vaccine on him, leaving him with permanent Slow. That would have helped a lot. I'm also not sure what effect draining their MP has. I really should have tried that. If draining the Magic guy's MP allowed me to avoid seeing Ruin3, it would have been all I needed to win on that second run. It wouldn't even have taken long to pull off with Iris' staff.
  2. Let's Play FFVII NT - 19 - Spooky Scary Ghosts Let's head off to the Nibelheim mansion, which I somehow forgot comes before Mt. Nibel. I'll put the footage of Lambda Calcule in the next video because I think it will fit better there. I seem to remember this dungeon being harder. I think it had nastier status effects like Confuse before? If enemies here still have Confuse, I haven't seen it. I somehow make a complete trainwreck of a battle against Mirrors, so look forward to that.
  3. Let's Play FF7 NT - 18 - This is why I Wanted a Bird Wing This episode is all dungeon. The dungeon enemies are pretty easy because they don't really hit that hard and can't do much else to scare me either. The boss needs to be taken down quickly since he can be healed for massive amounts by the gravity attacks that he absorbs, but this is fairly easily done, especially if you wait until the "flames" possess you before launching everything you have at him.
  4. Let's Play FFVII NT - 17 - Fire! Fire! Heh Heh Heh... I don't do any more battling after entering Cosmo Canyon, so skip the rest if that's not what you're into.
  5. Let's Play FFVII NT - 16 - Hiss, Hiss... In this video, we have another completely custom boss, and it's a fun one. He's still fairly slow thanks to the Slow/Haste combo, but the fact that he puts countdown on you still makes the fight tricky. With no steps taken to deal with it, the countdown can easily kill several people at the same time, which is basically a death sentence in this game. I didn't remember the countdown, so I didn't have my Safety Bit equipped either. I assumed he was weak to fire thanks to the "undead" gimmick, but he wasn't, which made for a fairly poor use of a Fire Veil. I should have chucked my Bolt Plumes instead. I also curbstomp Reno and Rude again, but they didn't really do much, as per the usual.
  6. Let's Play FFVII NT - 15 - Silent but Deadly 95% of the time, I do a test recording before I record the actual video to make sure that the audio is working. Somehow, every time I don't, the audio decides not to work. This was one of those times. Dyne was interesting. Because I poisoned him, he used Psyche Up to remove it. However, I believe that Psyche Up applied the Resist status to him, preventing him from using Haste later on. Because of this anti-combo, he ended up costing himself a ton of turns.
  7. Let's Play FFVII NT - 14 - Fool's Gold This episode is entirely about my trip to the Gold Saucer. However, I also visit the save point and choose how to build my characters in this episode. If you want to see that part in particular, skip to 8:30.
  8. Let's Play FFVII NT - 13 - Getting Over It This is a pretty chill episode here. We climb over a mountain, Morph some new items, and reach a poor town that can only barely afford the millions of Gil necessary to buy all of your mastered All Materia.
  9. Let's Play FFVII NT - 12 - Free Stuff Everywhere Like the previous boss, Jenova - Vector is fairly straightforward when you have Haste and she has Slow. You end up with so many turns in a row that you can't really lose.
  10. Let's Play FFVII NT - 11 - Jormungander Loses by Doing Absolutely Nothing This time around, I cheat my way to victory in the Fort Condor minigame. It's so slow and time-consuming that I really didn't want to do it again. For some reason, Bottomswell's replacement didn't do a whole lot. I'm still not really sure what's up with that. No, I will not bother fixing the spelling in the title, even though it would take less time than typing this sentence.
  11. Let's Play FFVII NT - 10 - Mishi Uses Steroids Encounters around this part of the game are straightforward, but fun. I make it all the way through the Mythril Mines in this video.
  12. Let's Play FFVII NT - 9 - Super Boredom World 1 Dang, I know how to attract them viewers with these catchy titles. But seriously, this episode is all flashback. If you're not curious about NT Sephiroth and you aren't excited to see me fight two dudes and a wolf, feel free to skip this.
  13. Let's Play FFVII New Threat - 8 - Boss Gauntlet In this episode, I fight several bosses in a row. Thousand Gunner, Airhawk Gunner, and Thunder Gunner were quite the difficulty spike, as the bosses before and after them are a great deal less powerful. That said, the fight was quite fun. I didn't realize that Thunder Gunner was as frail as he was until it was too late to exploit. Using Limit Breaks to bring him down fast is certainly worthwhile, especially since Pily can heal more by doing more damage. Matra Magic would have probably been a solid pick if I had remembered that it existed. My final mistake is that I should have ditched the Restore Rod for the Full Metal Staff and just healed with Cure instead; I think I would have had better healing and better defenses for no real cost. This is probably the best use I'll ever find for these Bolt Plumes, as this is a fight where I want to get damage off quickly and I have a foe weak to Bolt. Against Rufus, it took me longer than it probably should have to figure out (remember?) that Light Nation is invincible. Despite this, Rufus was no real threat since his damage output is so low. Barbariccia GT was fairly straightforward once I remembered that I need to switch rows to deal with the forced Back Attack. As far as I can tell, there isn't really a gimmick here.
  14. Let's Play FFVII New Threat - 7 - I Survive 4-digit damage This took a while to make because my headset died before I was able to make this video, and I needed to get a new one before I could record. This episode covers the majority of the Shinra tower. I fight Sample whatever-it-is in this episode, and he is fairly easy. It's definitely less straightforward now that I need to kill his cronies, but he can't do damage fast enough to be threatening as long as I don't let everybody fall to low HP at the same time.
  15. Let's Play FFVII NT - 6 - The Mooks were Harder than the Boss I arrive at the Shinra building and make it past a few floors. There were a couple sticky situations, but things worked out in the end.